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  1. CURRENTLY HIRING FOR ALL POSITIONS! (DJ, HOST, ETC) Please IM me, Rio, at: xxriosparkxx Or the main head honcho, Kitsu, at: rollerjake1 Come visit one of SL's hottest furry destinations. However, we welcome all Second Life peoples from all walks of life, no matter what shape or form! Dance the night away with one of our exclusive DJ's. Take a friend, or stranger up to one of our private rooms, or just come to check out the scene! Clothing IS OPTIONAL!
  2. Heyoz, everyone, My boyfriend and I are trying to watch a movie in our own land, and I've stumbled across a problem: everytime we watch the movie plays through fine for the both of us, at first. But, as it keeps going it stops, suddenly - for example, we're watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the movie suddenly stops at the part where Jack first enters the cemetery. My boyfriend reassures me that the movie isn't streaming anything, so it elminates the idea of it buffering. I managed to download both Flash and Quicktime, too; as well, as downloading the proper viewer for the j
  3. So, my boyfriend has sent me Lindens (in quite a large sum) and I haven't gotten it, yet. I have a feeling it'll take a while - with a combination of the sum of money, and servers being temperamental - but, its been an hour since that time, now. Can someone please tell me what I can do? We're both anxious enough.
  4. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. See, I'm in a college dormitory and I know, for a fact, that we have a closed connection when it comes to games like Second Life. Naturally, I went to our IT administrator to open up the ports needed to allow SL in. When I messaged him last he said that he has opened up these specific ports: GIS_2ndLife TCP src port: 0-65535, dst port: 12043-12043 UDP src port: 0-65535, dst port: 12035-12036 UDP src port: 0-65535, dst port: 13000-13000 To my dismay, though, when I try to open up Second Life, it still doesn't seem to get past
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