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  1. What we fought over? Just random misunderstandings. Things that should have been easily resolved. But doesn't even matter now. Sadly, I have recently been made aware that this woman I gave my heart to was possibly having a relationship with another while with me. Early on in our relationship I did receive a random IM stating that she was cuddling with another in a public sim as soon as I left. I asked her about this and she denied it. I believed her as people in SL do enjoy being malicious. And now new information could possibly confirm her unfaithfulness. So I feel like an even bigger fool
  2. Thank you all for your input. And you're right Rival. Sharing this has helped. Before it was just my brother and sister in SL who know of my torture. Tex mentioned how she feels about me. She told me yesterday in a few words that she misses me too, but we just don't want to go down this road again. So this is not the issue. We've come to a mutual decision that we will move forward. I've accepted it as much as I would prefer another outcome. So, my issue here is trying to forget her...to take her out of my mind. To eliminate wanting and missing her. To forget the cute and affectionate way
  3. I need some advice everyone. Or therapy...one or the other. Please be gentle :P Backstory: Met a lovely lady on avmatch 5 months ago. We started a relationship slowly and it progressed into something amazing. She made my heart race when I was near her or even when I thought of her. I loved sharing my time with her in SL; whether it was family fun , our own adventures or quiet time. It was all incredible. The only problem was... we fought. It wasn't frequent, but when we did it was enough to rip a hole into everything we'd made. Sometimes I initiated it and sometimes she did. But we are a lot
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