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  1. So on the 2017-06-19 I purchased lindens on the Best rate buy (Limit buy) I've purchased 10k on a limit rate of L$ 261 / US$1.00.. I am not very smart about the way the Limit buy works.. But i've been waiting for a bit now and i dunno how long could this take for me to receive L$?
  2. Hello.. Recently i've tried to buy 2500L$ by using a Skrill account. I've bought linden multiple times but since yesterday its not letting me buy them anymore. I am using a Skrill account.. When i try to buy linden i get a message ("There was a problem charging your payment method. ")I've tried multiple times to buy linden but that message kept on pooping up. I've checked if i have enought EUROS to buy the linden.. I don't know what to do anymore. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks Good day
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