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  1. Hi and thank you very much to everybody. "Unfortunately" it wasn't bandwidth problem (because with a new ava it worked well) neither RLV. I'm quite sure it was a problem of SL (because today it works) but what I can't understand is why I had this problem problem and at the same time my friends no??? Hope this will never happens again but who knows...
  2. Hi to all, I've a strange and unusual problem (to me). All I can do is IM with my friends and walk, all the rest no. I can't change place, I don't see tp from my friends, I can't see the names of the people near me or the names of my friends. Can't see the profiles.. (no windows opens ). I've already re-install SL, restart me Pc ecc. I've try with a new ava and all this things doesn't happen, it works fine. So guys, how can I solve this mystery?
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