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  1. windows 8 is just a plain pain in the arse period i am finding a copy of windows 7 profesional and loading it i have had nothing but trouble with win. 8 it cant even run a simple game like League of Legends let alone Second Life .... i thought when i got this new braand new lap top since its the closest thing i can get to a gameing pc without going Alienware i would be fine fk that windows has to go and screw everything up with this new operating system League of Legends still glitches but at least i got it to run i tried Defragmenting the hard drive bigest fkn mistake ever it fkd up the whole pc took me a day and a half to get it back to operating fk microsoft and win. 8 i recomend you just reload win 7 or XP they operate well with most things out there .
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