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  1. I first came to SL in 2006 and back then everywhere was full, I drifted away from SL for a number of years coming back to it again this year, and the difference is huge , back when I used to come on ,SL was full, in fact it was too full to be honest as lag was a huge problem at popular places and back then internet speeds were much slower, so if you went to a popular place it was probably so laggy to be no go anyway, but most Sims I went into would have a decent number of people, it was rare to teleport to one to find it empty, and the shopping area`s were almost always busy. Since coming
  2. So I left SL some years back, because when I updated to Windows 7 it stopped working, fast forward a couple of years and I give it another go and it seems to work ok, but..... everywhere I go seems empty, i`m starting to think either SL is just to big a virtual world and to few people using it or i`m just not looking in the right places, but I at least used to be able to find places with some activity, now pretty much everywhere I go is like a virtual ghost town. are there still any active bdsm places to visit or am I wasting my time returning? , as i`m pretty much at the point of uninstalling
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