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  1. Thank you for the detailed reply, i just have no clue on how to do any of it, is there any tutorials for step by step? D; sorry for being such a noob
  2. Yes i know that, what im trying to do. Is sing, so you hear my voice AND play the instrumentals behind my voice, thats what i dont understand how to do I just think im asking something really simple yet everyone is overthinking it. I know im not going to sing through the ingame voice, it would be joining the broadcast server and doing it that way. But im just trying to get my voice +++ audio in the background, not just my voice
  3. So my GF recently started playing SL and loves to sing and we tried a karaoke night last night but she could only do acapella through the mic setting on SL. Whereas the rest of them were singing through some program called "butt" which is using the address/port etc and you can hear their microphone and the music they are playing in the background through youtube or whatever on their PC. What programs do i need to do this? I know i used to let her hear what i hear through skype by setting my mic to stereo mix, but that was just what i hear, not my mic + what i hear. How do i get both of them to work? Hope this isn't too confusing Also some people have like an "echoey" sound to their mic, which is obviously through some sort of program. Any ideas on that also? I know this is the best to place as alot of you know what you are talking about hope you can help me out! I will love you forever thank you
  4. Thank you for the video, but no that isnt my texture i just googled "top hat texture map" and thats what came up, i think i understand it alot more now and will play around alot with it tomorrow!
  5. Thank you for the replys guys, sorry im on my phone and things weren't loading correctly. Ill watch the tutorials now and see how it goes thank you again
  6. Yeah i think i will do that, the problem is i need to know how to make the UV map itself. Thats the problem im stuck on
  7. Will that teach me how to texture pretty much anything? I dont just want to learn how the top hat one would work but i know it might be a simple one to start off with Thank you for the reply
  8. So its been my second day just playing around on blender, and i made a top hat. Now im just wondering how would i texture this? Or just make the texture and upload it, because it would obviously be mapped out just like the skins are on photoshop, i hope this makes sense its hard to explain. It would probably look like something like this but how would i do it? Or like get my item mapped out onto photoshop to make it myself
  9. Thank you for the picture it did help and you did in PMs, like i said it is my first day so i was kind of lost when you said i should be "Baking the texture" etc and i havent even learnt about that yet, cant really find any videos online to just explain that little part.
  10. Thank you very much thats exactly what i was just watching its great i have done the seams now (decided to try a table) and it seems to of worked. My only problem is now and this is my last issue, is that when i save this and upload it into SL even with textures selected it isnt uploading with textures, just a white object instead of a wooden one. How do i save the texture onto my object? Thank you so much for the help
  11. Thank you for your responses guys, i did actually see something mentioned about creating seams in the models but i have no idea how i couldnt find the video again and i dont understand what the seam does. But i really do appreciate your help Every video i watch on seams, is it just going around the outside of the object? It isnt really clear to a beginner like myself Maybe it will just be worth it to texture ingame over trying on blender D: seems too complicated for me right now
  12. Thank you for your help, yeah i decided to look into Aditi and im now using the mesh uploads. My only problem is the textures look so bad on blender D: No idea why, i followed a tutorial and copied it step by step but when i pressed unwrap on the chair part it said something about not being able to unwrap it properly. Now it looks like this, any ideas why?
  13. So im coming back after a long break and used to do photography on SL for money, and make profile pictures for people. Not at a high level but just enough to make a bit of $L but now i see all these high quality pictures people are taking and im not even sure how, are there certain things on graphics that need to be on high? Any tutorials you guys can point me to or anything, cause even on high graphics and with windlight settings on singularity viewer my avatar sucks, have skins changed?
  14. So i just came back from a long 5 year break from SL, and sculpting has changed alot. I first tried sculpty paint and it made the rainbow looking texture and you simply uploaded the texture, now i still see that but a blender file is uploaded through mesh with all the checkboxes etc and you have to calculate how much it is going to cost when uploading. Im learning and have made a chair leg for my first sculpt and wanted to upload it but dont have the money, is there anyway i can change it into a "rainbow sculpt texture" and temp upload to try, i know i can use the beta but just curious about this as it would be alot easier to just upload it that way. Thank you for the help in advance
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