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  1. I was expecting to crank it up to maximum and then turn it down a bit just like i do with other games if they dont perform good enough. Specially with a really fast CPU and a nice overclocked GPU (even midrange) it should run fine. And the AMD OpenGL/OpenCL speed is really nice, i was using it for a long time for rendering and it did a great job (CUDA is a bit faster, but its still a huge bonus compared to the CPU rendering). Looks like i have to spend some time flying around and teleporting with different settings to find the right one for my hardware. Sl should look good and run fast.. or at least one run fast.. But right now its ugly and slow as hell...
  2. Yeah so i should not worry about my minimum 20-25FPS and average 40FPS if people with similar hardware get the same results. I was hoping to get a way better performance with the upgrade - i replaced most parts in my rig to get the needed performance boost. Everything else is running great, but SL not... Its the worst performance of all my games...
  3. My rig is wired (gigabit ethernet connection to the router), i`m the only one who is using it (laptop & smartphone connected too, but nothing that will use bandwith a lot). Packet loss is 0% as expected, i did a pingtest and tracert to the SL server - everything is fine. Every other online game is running great and even streaming works great. And even BF4 will not use my CPU to 100% because my GPU is limiting it, but i can see the performance and if i change the settings i will get my 60 fps on medium/high. And SL is a pretty professional game with Linden Labs behind it (the standart viewer at least, but the performance is the same), so i expect a game that is old but still active to be upgraded. Like World of Warcraft - it has some problems too but a DX11 API and other things improved performance, added support for the newer hardware and made it look way better than Vanilla WoW. And WoW is a CPU-heavy game, every midend GPU will be enough to run it almost maxed out, highend GPUs are too powerful and they sit @ 50% load usually.
  4. My internet connection looks like this: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3447325624 And its fast enough. And yeah i expect SL to be even better at using the new hardware than all other new games like Thief, BF4, Watchdogs and what ever is coming out right now. P.S. just tested it again... CPU - 1-4 cores loaded with max 40% load on each while moving. almost no load when standing - 10% cpu load overall. GPU - 27% load max. I can change the settings, it doesnt matter - i get 30 fps in a used sim with some people there and 60 when sitting on an empty sim. And the AMD r9 270(X) (the difference between 270 & 270X is just a higher clock of the 270X) is pretty fast, here some info: http://www.ozone3d.net/gpudb/score.php?which=7089 http://www.ozone3d.net/gpudb/score.php?which=7090 Furmark is based on OpenGL/OpenCL and as you can see, the R9 270 is just a bit faster than GTX 760. My own score is 2611 points. Its a bit lower than expected, but still fast enough for rendering and other OpenGL/OpenCL based games & programms. So if the SL viewer can use the full power of the CPU and the GPU, i should be able to get my 60 FPS average...
  5. Trying an empty sim or staring at a wall is not what i want while playing. I need the stable high FPS under load... And my GPU has a pretty high overclock so it can beat the GTX 670 (r9 270X 1165MHz GPU, 1525 - VRAM) in some cases. I just expect SL to use multithreading and work great with hyperthreading on 8 cores on my i7 and it should be able to use the amazing OpenGL power of the AMD GPU (its not highend, but SL is also not the newest and best looking game out there). Sure if i fly around and try different locations, crowded and empty, FPS will jump around. But i expect at least 60 FPS at maximum load that SL can produce. I mean i can play BF4 on ultra with 40FPS minimum, 60 average (with Mantle on), the rig is powerful enough. The last thing i can do is to overclock my CPU (but not the best cooler on top, so it will be around 4-4,2GHz max if i`m lucky. Alpenfohn Brocken2 is quiet, but not so powerful) to get better singlethread performance, but come on... Just tryed and monitored anything - CPU load is not high, none of 8 cores is even close to 50% load.. something is going wrong - my CPU and GPU dont get enough data to work with. Even installed the viewer on an SSD to provide maximum bandwith for loading things - still the same bad performance...
  6. yeah the card is new but its using the same architecture as the older amd 78xx/79xx cards. only the amd 290(x) is brand new. and AMD is supporting OpenGL really good, i use it for rendering videos and for games like minecraft. The strange thing is - the CPU load is 10-20% and the GPU-load is 30% max. I expect an actual online game to fully utilise my hardware until it hits the Vsync limit (60Hz = 60 FPS) or my hardware limit. I can render a video (CPU+GPU used) while playing SL and my FPS will not change at all... The fastest i7 quadcore out there and a nice new midrange GPU should be more than enough to make SL look great and still hit the 60FPS cap...
  7. Got a rig upgrade.... And i still have max 30 FPS while using Firestorm or the standart viewer on Medium/High settings. Hardware: i7 4770K (3,5GHz, 3,9 boost) gigabyte z87-hd3 board 8gb DDR3 RAM Sapphire R9 270X OC Dual-X GPU (overclocked) 1920x1080 resolution Software: Win7x64 AMD Catalyst 14.3 Beta driver The stupid thing: AMD shows me only 20-30% load on the GPU while playing SL... This rig should be able to run SL on high with 60FPS... what is going on, did i miss something ?
  8. Its not banned at all, its here in the forum. Its pretty much like a recorded youtube video, just live - so i dont really understand why did they done that. Yeah thats confusing..
  9. Thats pretty sad. I would expect way more because the DJ-job takes way more than modelling, i would compare this to graphic design/texturing, with even more real money spend for it (you know how expensive this is). If i wanna do it for fun, i can choose any online radio out there and even get RL profit (fanbase, DJ-booking) out of it and i dont have to run a game client while streaming audio. And streaming audio and video is even banned here - you cant write l i v e streaming - and i dont know why, its a huge part of a gaming community now, everyone has enough bandwith and CPU power to stream & wach high quality 1080p video. Twtich.tv is a huge thing, for big e-sports events they got up to 300.000 people watching the stream at the same time.
  10. Because the job is popular? In RL its the same - everybody wants to be a DJ (and there are more DJs than jobs - in SL there are still many clubs searching). And the RL DJ payment is falling because there are so many DJs who just want to play and they accept it. But there is a huge difference between a moderatior with a playlist, a beginner DJ who use only software and never had a gig in a RL club and an expirienced DJ who has regular club gigs in RL, his own equipment and some skill... This is what i dont understand... Everything else is based on quality - if someone wants a highend texture, he has to pay more. But not for a DJ. I dont want make a living from DJing in SL, but it will be nice to earn enough L$ to have a nice income inworld and cover the external stuff like my own server and save some money to increase the quality (get better hardware, upgrades blah).
  11. I hope its the right pace for that discussion. I work as a DJ in RL & SL. RL is not a question - you get what you deserve. But how about SL - most clubs dont pay DJs well, specially the RL DJs who spend way more time (practice, preparing and simply the financial aspect of having equipment and expensive software + really expensive music collection) and do more than a usual moderator who has his playlist running? It looks like club owners dont really care about who you are, what you can do and anything else - they want slaves - just slaves. Even if you have your own server (and this cost money, even if its your home PC), do videostreaming, mixing live, spend a lot of money for good studio & DJ gear (to provide better quality, everyone knows how a cheap microphone sounds like)... And the RL expirience doesnt count at all. Why is that so? Professional DJs get pretty much the same amount of money as beginners. And tips should be not the main income of a DJ - he does his work just like a designer (and it require some skill to stand out as a DJ and be better than average), but he doesnt get paid like one... Please let me know what do you think about (specially if you have some RL DJs in your friendlist or outside of SL) and why is this job so popular and the payment so low? I know, i`m pretty new in the SL world and i missed the good old times blah, thats why i posted it... P.S.: why is l i v e streaming banned in this community? Streaming gaming content is a huge thing right now...
  12. I think its about what are you teaching, what are you using and how you do it. Roleplaying will take more time than just teaching and then go do your stuff somewhere else. The position should be paid, its compared to any other regular job in SL - a teacher has his scedule and he spend time teaching and preparing all the stuff.
  13. Not all clubs are like that. Some are small, but working great and they provide anything for DJs if they need it. But yeah, most clubs just need slaves who will work for no money & and provide great shows for anyone.
  14. Lets try it like that... http://www.ju stin. t v/djcryon1c/c/3378907
  15. I`m looking for a guestDJ-gigs in SL - EU-friendly timezone. Styles: Industrial, Noise, Hardstyle & Hardcore and IDM/Ambient/Noisescape/Drone. Maybe goth/elektro/darkware and other goth-related styles. I use equipment (controller, turntables, software, condenser mic blah) and can use voice, but prefer to just mix music. My own shoutcast server is avaliable, bandwith is not a problem. I do not want a resident status, i have my main club already. I do not want tips, but a fair hourly payment. The club should be well running, crowded and a host should be avaliable for this event. Leave a message here (reply), i will check it every day. P.S.: No rock, pop, rap or house! Harder techno & trance styles are avaliable too, specially goa/psy! P.P.S: This damn forum dont let me post my justin tv link... not permitted... its a recorded video goddamn.
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