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  1. Sometimes, on a sim I will try to use a Landmark to tp. But, instead of taking me to where the LM is marked I get sent back to what I assume is the Landing Point on that sim. Even trying to move by double clicking will result in being moved back to the landing point. However, I don't see others on the sim complaing, sometimes it seems like it is just me. Do I need to change something in my settings to fix this?
  2. I saw the guy's post about the competition having rules regarding the gender of the human behind the avy. I thought the guy was trolling because I couldnt believe that in 2015 that any competition - even in RL - would have rules like that! But sure enough ... MVW does discriminate on the basis of gender. I thought that was a horrible rule. Who cares!!! Gender is a spectrum anyway. Even rl competitions are getting away from these rules. You are blowin my mind. I guess you missed the whole transgender thing? If it is about femininity just say: you comp. is about that and having a good fem voice. But please -- when you replied to them "2 negative comments" like there was only a petty few that agreed with them. That is when I had to stop what I was doing and stand up to be counted. So now it is 3. I bet there are many more who just move on quietly with their lives after deciding MVW has become passe. How do you even really check their sex? How are you defining their sex? Is it by DNA? The correct genitals? Now I am curious. It is your comp. I guess that means you can discriminate if you want.
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