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  1. Yes, of course there are girls that get paid and not only just for kinks. To add to what Syo said, there are also normal guys that like the FWB, no strings attached, type of relationship. This has been interesting.
  2. Thanks Syo, I didn't think of that. I was just trying to gather information and erroneously thought that the Adult forums were a little more 'open.' I had no intention to be critical so, if I came across that way, I apologize. And yes, I am interested in this survey, not sure why you would think I was not. I was trying to be pretty straight forward and non-snarky. Anyway, thanks again, I will try to find out info in better ways! Kat
  3. Thank you for all the replies so far. I am not completely surprised, though some people must pay in SL with all the escorts I see!! There are a couple of comments made that I disagree with, but that is simply a matter of opinion, and mine is no better than yours. And I am trying to find out what you all think! Anyway, thanks to those that have responded - and I'd encourage anyone else to seriously respond as well. It is all appreciated. Kat
  4. Hello, I was debating the business in SL and where it currently stands and what I wanted to do going forward, and wanted to see if there is a niche. Therefore, I wanted to get people's opinions and created some questions... please answer seriously! Discussions are fine, I am just wondering fi there is a place in SL for this. Oh, and this alt was just created to post this anonymously, I have been a resident for over five years. I just am unsure if there is a place for this type of business in SL anymore. Thank you in advance to anyone that answers! I may add more questions as this goes on. Do you pay for sex in SL? If not, would you? What, if anything, would change your mind? How much would you pay for sex in SL? Would you ever pay a more premium rate for intelligent or witty girls who see you as a person, and are more interested in building a small but stable clientele? When paying, do you prefer it with someone you don’t know, or someone that you have built a ‘relationship’ with (in other words, someone who talks and flirts with you in IMs, may go to events with you , etc)? Would you pay more for this type of service? An extension of the above – would you pay extra for such a girl , who would also would wear outfits/roleplay scenarios that you requested? Would you be interested in going to lecture/music/discussion events hosted by various women, knowing you could purchase those same women? Would this add a level of spice? Do you prefer a refined quiet oasis/refuge to meet and spend time with those girls, or a club or sex house atmosphere? Do you feel there is a place in SL for the elegant high class courtesan, and if so, how would they be found by their potential clientele? How much would you pay for this type of woman?
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