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  1. Time to bust out half naked dance moves in front of the windows.
  2. Relentless stalking is the gold standard for starting an unforgettable relationship. :matte-motes-nerdy: Confession time. Something would cut into our activities prematurely. Was trying to avoid you finding out.
  3. Appreciate all the women that imed me. Enjoyed speaking to every one of you. Found the June Cleaver to my Ward (tongue in cheek). I'm no longer looking.
  4. That's quite the compliment coming from a siren of the sea such as yourself. The feeling is mutual. /me tips his hat to Miss Peach "Roleplaying a roleplayer", aww, sugar sugar.
  5. Before I derail this thread beyond recognition, thanks everyone. No idea why this received so much attention, but it's been hilarious and entertaining. Definitely exceeded my expectations. If you want to rp, hit me up in world.
  6. Self-deprecating humor is underrated but results in the most epic lulz. It's been fun. Keep being you.
  7. :matte-motes-agape: I guess that's what happens when you get freaky in sl.
  8. You take issue with the fact that I separate sex and love? Maybe it's a difference between roleplayers versus lifestylers. I do respect and care for girls that bottom under me. Only see one at a time even, but for me sl is a medium best experienced by exploring fantasies. Love is something I only look for in rl for many reasons.
  9. You did Spence Jr. a favor. He probably speaks dog now, which will be a resume asset when he's old enough to escape inventory hell.
  10. Why didn't you say so sooner? Let's do this.
  11. Hawt girls new to bdsm, I'm extremely flattered by your interest, but the work needed to guide a true novice is more than I want at this time. Search “bdsm” in world and get your behind to a learning center. That's the best place to start. Don't jump into anything quickly or put up with jerks that don't respect your limits. Be careful and stay safe. - Spencer
  12. Miss Peach is right. I like the girl next door.
  13. What?! You and the baby as a package or no deal. Give the cd back. Edit: This comes off kind of wrong. What I mean is, fatherhood really suits a noncommittal cad like me.
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