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  1. Ah...suspected as much, but thought the insiders might know another place to look for longer records. I'm not mad, these things happen. Good to know though - apparently you can be in negative $L balance for [i have no idea how long] with no real effect. (What, no interest charges? LL, you surprise me!)
  2. I'd been offline for quite a while and just logged in to discover I had a negative Linden balance...about -2500 actually. No idea what I left with but um...obviously more than that. Checked groups - sure enough, a random merchant has "pay group liabilities" active for everyone. I dropped a note to the owner but it seems incredibly unlikely they didn't notice. That's IF it was even them...another group could easily have had it on temporarily along the way, right? So, fine. Life in the big city. I assume LL doesn't care, but I would really like to know how much I lost here, and when.
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