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  1. Thank you... that worked well and again I appreciate that you took some time to help me~
  2. Norajulia....This link works well within this forum but for some reason will not work within my profile if this makes sense?
  3. Norajulian...Thank you so so much for responding. I'm so frustrated! I understand how to copy and paste the link but, what I'm looking for is a link like if I were to add a link within Microsoft Word for example that will send the person interested by just clicking the link. Another example that is exactly what I'm looking for can be found within the owner of "Breathe".... Daisa Admiral...within her profile.... What I like best about this link is the cute little Second Life Logo, also that the link is direct. I know I'm just missing something simple in my own minds knowledge base...~Laughs~ Anyway, Thank you so much again for your response. I appreciate your thought and time dearly. Thank you, Cammie
  4. I'm wondering how to create a link to my Market Place store from my profile. Can anyone help?
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