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  1. After reading the TOS, I don't feel like using SL anymore... - We are not liable of anything you do, but if you do something we don't like, we'll take your money(no refund) and close your account(whenever we -believe- or feel like it)- So I buy lindens with REAL money, but those lindens are not granted, since problems may appear, software malfunction and those lindens may disappear and I won't be refunded? I really don't understand. Also I find it impossible to completely comply to the ToS, even the LL team may break some of them by simply logging in and "playing" SL like any other "player" or resident. It's like making a rule to -never- have bad thoughts, or -never- say the word "air", no matter how hard you try to comply to the rules, sometimes it's impossible. A small example could be(from the top of my head): wardrobe malfunction in PG(no nudity) areas. Yes, this was the first time I read the ToS(I'm ashamed), because I don't want to "sign a paper" in which I agree that LL can use me in a human centipede experiment. LoL So... if I don't agree with the TOS but still want to log in a SL-like virtual environment, I'll have to create my own SL-like platform with my own rules D: P.S: there should be a "TOS for dummies" version too.
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