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  1. well i dont wait for nice replies,it was an awful thing to do ...thanks all for replies and ren,tell me what details you want. bevause it's a looooong story.
  2. Grammar?Good point..:matte-motes-big-grin-evil: I just want to fix the part where I broke them up though.
  3. Ok I dont want to be boring so I'll just post the most important.. I fell in love with a guy who was basically liking me only as a friend,he made fun of me in the past and I was jealous when he started dating my friend(fake friend)so I made up a boy account to prove that she's a s*** and I broke them up,I created a notecard with fake conversations with her and I sent them to him..Then they started arguing and they broke up,I don't feel sorry about her,I feel sorry about him and I wish I could fix that mistake, however he has no idea what i did,I know this may sound stupid but what shoul
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