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  1. I tried everything, I tried reclogging, I download the sl viewer, I cleared cache, I updated firestorm, all my boxes of bundles are gone, I'm really upset I lost them.
  2. pizazz

    missing inventory

    ok im a amaretto breeder, and i had boxes of horses and bundles in my inventory, now they are all gone, i relogged, cleared cache and even updated my firestorm, nothing worked, my boxes are gone. why is it only my boxes of breedables are gone and nothing else, i wasnt hacked or anything, i just would like my boxes back.
  3. i have quite a few boxes of amaretto horse bundles in my inventory and now they are all gone, i cant find them no where, i relogged, i clear cache, and nothing, they are no where to be found. three years of breeding horses and i have nothing now. i want my boxes of bundles back
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