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  1. Enjoying it so far....went into it with a different attitude and its working out just fine
  2. sure thing,,,thanks for the message
  3. Hello Everyone...After taking a little over a year off from SL, I have returned and looking to make a few new friends. I hope you all have a great day and stay safe.
  4. Thanks. I'll look into your information. I greatly appreciate it.
  5. I'm very interested in learning how to build and would like to find someone who is fluent in building and has a lot of patience to teach me. Please let me know if there is anyone out there who can help. Thanks.
  6. I've learned a lot since I've been on SL. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm still learning new stuff but I'm willing to share what I know.
  7. Erotic Pleasures....The newest Erotica Club in town is now open for business. Live DJs and Hostesses every night. Beautiful dancers and a very friendly atmosphere. Come by and see for yourself how Erotic Pleasures will leave you with wanting more. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malibu%20Beach/164/165/3001?title=LT'S EROTIC PLEASURES&msg=club,strip,sex,BDSM,D/s,strip club,dance club, burlesque,french Quarter,suck,lick,Master,Mistress,submissive,Dom,slave,dance,naked,rock n roll,
  8. Looking for 3 to 4 female DJs looking to earn a good income. Must have followers already established that will come to the club for DJ's sessions and DJ must be able to work the crowd during sessions. DJ must be able to promote themselves and the club as well to bring in more business. Please contact ἑṿἐ (ForbiddenFruitz) if you are interested.
  9. Hello Looking to meet new neighbors from the Maybel Neighborhood. New to the area and wanted to say hello.
  10. Thanks...Happen to love the Darkside....It's where I feel the most at home...:matte-motes-evil-invert:
  11. Thanks for all the links and help. I really appreciate it. :matte-motes-grin:
  12. Thanks for the info. Where can i get a link for this place so I can check it out? I'm really interested in learning how to build so this may be a good start for me. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I did get the plane and I have my home set up already. I havent been to any of the sandboxes as of yet but plan on visiting them soon. I dont know anything about the jungle nor the sleeping dragon hunt.
  14. thanks for the welcome....have a great day
  15. Hello Everyone...I just recently ugraded to a Premium Membership and wanted to say hello to everyone.
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