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  1. I am sorry to say but these are sick prices considering you are going out of business and need to sell them in like 6 days, 4-5 L$/sqm it s even higher then the normal price of people who have no hurry of selling the land (protected lands), even the 2.5 L$/sqm for the roadside parcel considering there are some protected roadside parcels selling as low as 0.9 L$/sqm
  2. you are welcome, anyway prices has been lowered, 50 prims for 179 L$ a week and 100 prims for 299 L$ a week
  3. You say that because you know nothing about managing a mall, you can find some cheap stores for rent but as happened to you they will disappear with no warning cause it s impossible to make profit with that ridicolous amount of L$, also if you need to provide some traffic that will cost a lot of money, better spend more for the rent and get traffic so sales than renting a desolated shop with no traffic that becomes completely useless for your purpose
  4. You can try renting a shop here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helens%20Pool/184/38/21 For 100 prims you pay just 379 L$ a week, paying monthly save 5%, also there are some temporary offers that double your weeks payed, 2 weeks payed 2 weeks free, 4 weeks payed 4 weeks free, 8 weeks payed 8 weeks free. Traffic is good and growing
  5. Temporary offers for Shops for rent: Pay 2 weeks ---> 2 weeks free Pay 4 weeks ---> 4 weeks free Pay 8 weeks ---> 8 weeks free Growing Traffic!!! Try the new Skill Bingo 3 Steps game! Freeplay available, contest available, LOW SCORES!!! FREE L$ by grabbing the dollars falling, playing the cards game you can win on the lucky chairs, grabbing the ones falling from the sky and playing games like the Card Wheel. Adboards available to advertise your business! A lot of skill games, single player and multiplayer! Check it out at : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helens%20Pool/193/48/22
  6. Let s try the new Skill Bingo 3 Steps!!! Freeplay and Normal Mode Available. 3 Best players of the week will get prizes in money also Shops for rent, Adboards of different sizes, other games like: - The Horse Challenge - The Rabbit Challenge Free L$ playing the cards game plus claiming the dollar that falls every 15 minutes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helens%20Pool/193/47/22
  8. Went to the website you posted, no way to check classes, 703 class is sick, just a random number as if there still were classes for sure we didn t reach those numbers, also, about the one saying to look on 3rd party viewers, it doesn t matter what the viewer says, as since 2010 the architecture is changed, so there are not anymore classes, is sick saying class 6-7-8, if the new architecture is without classes you cant say a server is x class. Also, i think that both the Linden agent and the blog he linked are very clear, there are no reasons to calssify servers with classes if the architecture has changed, who could knows things better than a Linden?
  9. I was a bit curious about how to check the class of a sim, as so far i didn t found any way to do that, but some people claim to have class 6, 7, 8 regions, so i ve opened the premium chat and asked a linden agent, here s the conversation, where xxxxx stay for the name of the linden agent, hidded to fit the forum rules about naming names: xxxxxx L: Hello! I may be working with multiple issues already, so please explain your issue (including any ticket numbers we will be discussing) and I will be with you shortly. Please note: Live Chat is unable to assist with abuse-related issues. Abuse reports can be submitted using the Second Life viewer's built-in tool under the Help menu. You: May i know how to check which class is a region? some people claim to have a class 8 regions, how the hell is possible? xxxxxx L: we have moved away from that sort of designation. Essentially, server class no longer matters, because we have created a system where each region is allocated the same amount of resources as others of its type (Full, Homestead, Openspace) grid wide. xxxxxx L: There is a blog post on it here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Land-and-Sea-General/Moving-away-from-server-Class/ba-p/650813 You: this article is 4 years old You: so why people continue to claim their class 7 or class 8 regions? xxxxxx L: I really don;t know. As I said it no longer matters. You: but if they say that, and they can t check it, they are just lying trying to get more customers with false informations that they neither have? xxxxxx L: We do not have any tools for them to check that information You: so they are giving false advertising? xxxxxx L: If you feel that they are you are welcome to file an abuse report ----- End of the conversation ----- Well, i didn t made any abuse report, but i thought was right let people know how things are, lying with false informations is not a fair way to make business. Resuming, regions don t have a class since first months of 2010, all regions have the same performances when empty, so lag issues depends only on how the region is used (laggy scripts, physics, lot of avatars, etc) A good way to check lag on a region is by pressing ctrl + shift + 1: - Look on fps sim, the value should stay around 45 fps, if it drops too often down to 20-30 or lower the sim is lagging - Look under time (ms), last value is free time, if this value is 0 or very close to it the sim could be lagging, as the server power is used at 100% so it cant handle all the requests in time to give full performances, if free time is around 1 ms or above the region is just running fine, as the server still has some power that is not using. Use these little tricks to check the performance of a region instead of trusting people claiming class 1000 servers
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