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  1. I have a wearable drum that plays various sound clips and runs a drumming animation on the Avatar. My menu has a stop sound button that will stop the animation and stop sound -- if they pust the menu button. I would like to add an automatic stopanimation for the condition of avatar detaching or dropping the drum. How should this be done. Thanks
  2. Found out what was happening from the good folks at SL. Turns out one of the adjacent regions was restarted after the initial round of restarts on Tuesday. When adjacent (attached allowed) regions undergo restart it is important that all attached regions are restarted at the same time. One of the subtile signes of regions being out of sync in this way is script hand-offs. So they did a proper restart and all is well. I guess lesson here is don't do a restart on a region unless you really need to. And if you do, then get it done right. <sheepish grin>
  3. First I will take the advice and post in the server forum. Thanks for the suggestion. I tend to rule out avatar specific issues and internet issues because myself and some flying friends are having the same trouble. My first thought was, it is me, or it is my script, or my planes. I bought a brand new plane never been flown to check it out. Same trouble. I will see if the server guys have a clue. I posted here because I thought maybe one of the fundamental functions changed its behavior, or some such. If I get an answer from server, I'll post an update.
  4. All of my flying devices have stopped being able to cross border following the Tuesday updates. I have tried implementing physics updates post border. That did not seem to do. (or maybe I implemented it wrong). Has anyone found a solution? Some of the flying devices are my own design and modified scripts. But, I have also tried many different planes from the Marketplace. If seems like there has been a fundamental change in how the hand off of scripts from region to region is happening. Mem resets? States? Don't know. Still new too LSL and SL to debug it. Regards,
  5. Well, all of your comments have been a very definite wake up call for me. Being new to the LSL Scripting world I had fallen into the trap of taking content on the wiki as more or less correct. The notion that this watchdog script would be so utter wrong had not occured to me. So thanks for the heads up. I agree that a crashing script obviously needs better maintenance. I found my way to the watchdog thing from the wiki page on llGetAgentList. The part about possible STACK_HEAP_COLLISION_ERRORs got me to thinking that monitoring a script with a watchdog could tell me when or if the script was encountering such mem problems. By the way, I got to the llGetAgentList looking for a less laggy method of maintaining stats on visitors. The scanner based scripts all seem to have been created prior to this new approach and I wanted to see if it was more efficient. So I guess my real question should be what are the best practices when using a function such as llGetAgentList -- which has known memory issues.
  6. Based on reading about Watchdog Scripts I am surmising that scripts do not automatically reset after a crash. If I do not use a watchdog script, when can I expect a script to reset? Thanks
  7. Yes, we agree on that. The dull grey is not the most enticing for the pictures. Which explains the hunt for a way to detect the type of resource so that this grey can be avoided.
  8. Thanks for the suggest. In this case the texture is not in the prims inventory. Nice to know the llGetInventoryType function exists. But, I don't think it will help in this particular case. I suppose I will just let the llSetTexture function fail silently if the UUID is not a texture.
  9. I am creating a texture changer. I have found how to determine whether a uuid is valid or not. if((key)uuidstr){ //do something }From: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Key "will only return true if it is supplied a key that is both (A) valid, and (B) NOT a NULL_KEY." I would like to take my sanity checks one step further and determine if that uuid is for a graphic. Is that even possible?
  10. Thanks to all for the responses. That gave me the clues I needed to move ahead. And, thanks for the reminders about best practices. Regards,
  11. I am in the process of writing a script that will rez an object for avatars to use (by sitting). After the avatars stand, I would like the object to disappear. Do I need to write self-delete code? Or, is there a simple method built into SL? In using google I find mostly articles about people using temp prims to get around land limits. Is there a good article I can read? Thanks for any clues
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. So basically the difference is between my preferences and my friend's. When I look at their screen all the notecards open. When I work on making the notecard giver, it is on my screen and my preferences are different. Problem solved. I'll just use something like the following in the script: llRegionSayTo(llDetectedKey(0), 0, "After accepting \""+llGetObjectName() + "\" folder, open the README file for more information."); The little reading I did suggested this had less impact on the region than the IM option and I wanted to keep this semi-private.
  13. I have noticed that some rez boxes will open a readme notecard when the user accepts the folder. I can give a notecard. But, I have not found the function that would open a reading copy for the user. I'd like to make sure they see the readme instructions. Thanks for any clues.
  14. Can you tell me more about what is involved in using a rigged mesh for jewelry and clothing? Two of my friends got their pendants (attach to chest) and loved them. Another friend had a wardrobe malfunction when putting on the pendant caused her dress to disappear. Yikes. Using the neck would avoid the sudden nudity. But the neck attachment has the pendant dip into the body when typing and other animation gestures. So, I'm thinking I need to look into the rigged mesh for the pendant. Any clues much appreciated.
  15. Thank you for the excellent explanation. So the object "remembers" where it was attached. That's amazing. I like your idea of the chest. I've noticed already that when the avatar types my amulet is hidden in flesh.
  16. Thank you all for the responses. Very helpful. I tired the extended prims -- to no success. But now, armed with the keeping the root prim fully in its own estate, I feel that all will be well. And I like the transparent trick for the flicker. I'd been making one prim slightly smaller or lower. Duh, the transparent is obvious. Thanks.
  17. I have a mesh of an amulet that I would like to upload for use as a necklace. How do I designate that when the user selects to wear the amulet that it attachs to the neck -- not the left hand or somewhere else?
  18. I am trying to establish an upper level in a pair of attached regions. If I take the supidly optimistic approach of just walking from one sim to the other, the avatar will fall through the floor of the new sim. I am assuming this has to do with collision detection between the avatar (that is emmerging from the previous sim) and the new sim's platform (prim). I was thinking that it might be possible to use a scripted walkway to handle this situation. Any thoughts on which direction to go. I could use a train like object and have the avatar sit on one side then stand on the other. But, I was hoping for a solution that would be transparent to the player. There is nothing in the story line of the sims (at the moment) that makes sitting in the middle of a forest path make sense. Regards,
  19. Trinity has it on the button. Go to yep, https://my.secondlife.com/ page. When you get there you will see (or at least I see) a "Settings" link on the left (toward the bottom of the menu). When you click on Settings link you go to a page with different options. The Profile Picture option is on the "Profile Tab" at the top. By the way, you may notice a second option near the bottom. That is the Real World Profile picture. I'm pretty sure you are wanting the Profile Picture at the top.
  20. Here is an interesting link with information about Magnum. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Beta/Magnum It looks to be mostly info posted by LL. Hope it helps,
  21. That's a sweet idea. Would I select the temp check box in the edit screen? Or, would I use a function in the script to make the item temp? I do like the idea of the carpet disappearing if not used right away. That can keep the area clean.
  22. I have a floating island 200+ meters in the air. Been trying to create a telehub to this location. But, I keep landing on the ground instead of the platform. Is it even possible to have a telehub that is not on the ground? If so how?
  23. I am working on a script for a flying carpet. Basically the carpet is rezzed, destination is input, the carpet moves to the designated point, then the carpet deletes itself or returns itself to inventory. I've been trying various search terms. As yet I have not found a function that will kill an object or return it to inventory. I'm sure I've overlooked something totally obvious. (Yes, total noob to lsl scripting). Any help would be appreciated. Regards,
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