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  1. The premium price never changed till now...I can't remember...But I think there will be differents states of premiums memberships...I saw that somewhere ^^ Edit: And that's what you were talking about sorry, I read too fast ^^'
  2. I understand your point of view but some groups from shops offers really beautiful VIP group gift to their members, like TRUTH hair...that's why I'd like to have more groups allowed
  3. Hi This is my first post so I introduce Myself! Lilith-Alphaën Vlodovic (UltravixenLilith Resident) and I'm 5 years old premium member on second life! I like shopping (I collect bento Heads (Akeruka are my favorites), Mesh bodies (Belleza Freya for me! but I own some others), Hair (Truth but a lot of others...), Skins, Make up (Slackgirl!!) and Clothes too (Insanya, GRAVES and a lot lot more), make friends, EVENTS!! and I own a little shop inworld and on market place named <3 Lilith in Chains <3 (in reference to my favorite band from the 90's "Alice in Chains") where I sell Make-up for Akeruka, some clothes (just fullperm retextured for the moments), Shapes and other things. I'm a roleplayer too and I really like to create a lot of differents characters on my avi Now, I'd like your opinion on a question which turn in my head for some days, Do you like Linden Lab to increase the number of groups we can take? I mean, there's sooooo many great shops and places in Second life, I have the right to enter 60 groups and I'm almost full and sometimes forced to ignore groups from shop I like. What do you think? <3Love<3 EDIT: Oh my, I already posted on the forum, sorry my memory is baaaaaaad
  4. Thank you for your answer The problem is I have 3 Akeruka Heads (Lara, Helen and Lulu) and the problem only appeared with Lulu (Lara's pink lipstick is pink in all my viewers, same for Helen). Plus I asked directly to Slackgirl and she promised the pink lipstick on lulu's HUD is ABSOLUTELY not black as she did the textures herself. Trying another make-up is not easy at all. There's not much creators for Akeruka's Heads (Sadly...) and Omega's make up never respect my shape and my avatar turn to have a mouth bigger than her breasts (By the way, I like Slackgirl's work) By the way, As you mentionned, I figured out the darker hair and eyebrow too. This is really strange... Well Thnak you very much
  5. Hi all, Sorry to boyher you but I have a little problem that is really awkward. It's a little complicated so I'm gonna try to explain it the best I can. I have many avatars, and my main avatar name is Ultravixenlilith Resident. My "alt" is Reveriesolheim Resident. I bought a bento head from Akeruka (Lulu) for Reveriesolheim and I applied the pink lipstick from the akeruka Hud furnished with the head. When I look at it with Reveriesolheim viewer, no problem, it's pink, BUT...When I open another viewer on my computer (I can run up to three viewer with it) to log Ultravixenlilith Resident, I can zoom on Reveriesolheim and...the lipstick appear black! Even her eyebrows are darker and she have some grey hair. I asked to the head's creator but he didn't understand what's the problem. I use Firestorm the latest version ( but it was the same with the older version...plus, my husband see the lipstick black too with his personal computer (and some other friends too). I checked for the settings but they are the same between my two avatars... It's really strange... Here is a screenshot I made to let you see the problem: https://gyazo.com/f2540f7c130f0381f7cbea9a113c6f30 on the left with ultraviexenlilith viewer, on the right with reveriesolheim viewer. On the same computer and with firestorm both with same settings. Sorry to bother you once again
  6. Hi all :) First of all, sorry to bother you. Here is my problem, sometimes ago, I saw in a shop a skin of Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)'s face. I'd really like to purchase it but I'm unable to find the shop anymore. Could somebody help me please? Thank You Very Much -UltraVixenLilith- Edit: Thank for your answer but, unfortunately, I already tried Marketplace but didn't find it :/
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