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  1. Excellent suggestions! I didn't know these things. Thanks!
  2. Well the one thing that bugs me is Audio Engineering =/= DJing. Audio engineering is more about mixing together pieces of a song so that the song itself is good, and DJing is more about performance. I can still take a look and see whats what though.
  3. Hi, I'm Tooms, I am an audio engineer from the midwest attending university for Network Technologies, and working for the University tech hardware repair division. I'm looking to get to know this SL thing a bit better, and break into some communities I have been curious about for a while, but havent had the nerve to really poke at. I'm big into gaming, I build computers, I like tabletop gaming (when I can find one, which has been years).... and thats really it right now. I'm new at my university and dont really know to many people, and am socially awkward, so im nervous to get out and meet new people.... I dont really even know what all I should be typing in this. I'm mostly doing this because my counselor said, "Try to meet new people any way you can!" so, here I am. Uh so, qustions. Whats a good way to get started in SL? Based on the above, where in SL should I go to find communities? I know this might be a long shot, but are there people in SL that need an audio engineer that can mix, master, edit and record? (maybe a little post too) Uhm, so hi! Hows things?
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