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  1. Name: Josh Dark Legacy name: I3loodDevil SL Age: 03/21/2013 (10 years 8 months; 3901 days) RL Age: 30+ Jobs I've Done In The Past: Manager Male Escort Male Dancer DJ ( I have my own stream and I use Mixxer (Genres I do 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, rock and roll, EDM, Rap, Country, party Mix, Metal) Security (many sims but they died only one that I've done security that's around in is Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge) Owned my own escort/dancer male/female club (dead and gone now) Just looking for a job or "jobs" that can currently have high traffic, decent people and I'm ok with benefits or bonuses if you guys do that. I'm pretty easy going.
  2. Just looking for someone to take 2 photo's for me. I'm looking for my 1st Profile a Hell like theme behind me and the other one can be anything of your choice! I need them straight away as I'm currently done with the ones I got I would like to move on with that photo and get better ones. Also they must be fairly cheap as I'm not a rich, lol. You can contact me in-world now! Please contact: i3looddevil Resident
  3. Hello I need to update my current 1st Life and 2nd Life Pics with new photo's. I'm currently looking for 2 photos only at a decent cheap price. You can contact me here or in world, I'm logged in now. Please IM ( i3looddevil Resident ) if you can do them today. Thank you!
  4. Looking for someone to take 2 photo's of me, One with just close up my face and one with whole body. They must do it as cheap they can. Backgrounds i want black background with blood splatter and my photo that's it for both. If anyone could help me that be great. Get Back To Me ASAP I3loodDevil Resident
  5. When i downloaded the new Firestorm i cant seem to see any of my clothes i can see the alpha on and i cant see the clothes i put on. I've done a rebake like 100 times, clear my cache 100 times and deleted the texture pack off the firestorm file system. ITS NOT MY GRAPHIC CARD!. I cant see anyone else clothes either just there alpha. Can somone help me plz
  6. Looking for a photgrapher to take some profile pics for me in different locations of secondlfe. I don't want any old boring studio photos. Need a price for 4 Pics. IM me i3looddevil Resident
  7. Hello my names Josh Stevenson I require some help with my island and i need some assistance in building it up to look very nice. I need people who know alot about adult stuff, builders at cheap rates, managers, Security, Hosts and DJ's I was thinking of making the following: * Adult Voice Lounge * Adult Dance Club * Mall with shops * Residental Land ( appartments) * Staff Building ( Pref in the sky like a skybox) * Nudist Beach (maybe) * Dating Building (maybe) I need someone help with dividing the land up in sections with different groups added, Custom Display pic for the groups and help me pretty the land up as well as adverrtsiing it all over secondlife for people to come in and enjoy it.. Please message i3looddevil Resident Pay will be talked about on arrival.
  8. Hello I would like to offer you a nice peice of land: Size: 16384M Prims: 3750 Prims Price: 4250L Per Week This comes with full rights to your land and comes with all full right permissions. Please act fast as there cheap as chips. Please message i3looddevil resident for more details
  9. Looking for cheap affordable rooms to rent? My Place has it all. I have 2 medium and 1 small room for rent. Meduim rooms: 200L per week @ 150 prims Small Room: 150L per week @ 100 Prims Contact i3looddevil Resident for more details
  10. Hi my names Josh Stevenson i'm curently looking for a job as a dj. INFO: Name: Josh Stevenson ( i3looddevil Resident) SL Age: 966 days old Time Zone: UTC+10:00 Country: Australia Viewer: Firestorm Music: 1 Million songs of everything Can i download songs to play instantly: Yes if they spell it correctly Do You Have Your Own TipJar: Yes i have a Pulse PLus+ Tip Jar ( Requests, dj info, and right click to tip My Mic Setup: 2 prong jacks with mute capability Internet Connection: Wifi When did i dj. From 2013 to 2014. in my own club Hours I can work: 2hrs a day Times: Monday: 8pm to 10pm Tuesday: 8pm to 10pm Wednesday: 8pm to 10pm Friday: 8pm to 10pm Saturday: 8pm to 10pm Sunday: 8pm to 10pm All SLTime Do I work in any clubs: No i'm searching What clubs I've worked at: Blood's DJ Club ( Closed down in 2014) Primary Language: English If you guys could give me a chance to prove myself i'm willing to do it for you I'm hard Reliable and Honest, Reliable and Honest. Just IM i3looddevil Resident ( Josh Stevenson) I will be on all night till 6 am PST. Cheers
  11. Hey my names i3loodDevil ( Josh Stevenson). I'm wondering if anyone could teach me the way of Virtual dj with sl. I dont want the hussle and bussle of downloading music just Vfind and play and i heard that you can search for any song on VDJ and stream it live as you go. Can someone teach me how. Voice is prefered. I need someone to get back to me asap. Thank you
  12. Everytime me and my friend go to post someone on forums page or create a event our event or fourm topic get's deleted. We have delete our cache and restarted our explores/firefox and chrome and still get's deleted. Our events are the same there not showing up so can someone please answer this unless the system deletes it again
  13. Come talk dirty with us in an adult voice sex lounge! It is a pervy hangout for adults of any kind who like to talk dirty, flirt publicly and be sexy. You'll find all the like-minded, kinky, and good looking people you've been searching for! Voice is preferable. We're having our grand opening and we're looking for members! Have the opportunity to be the first pioneers on the job. All beginners are welcome. We are looking for the following: Event Planners Must advertise around the inworld, forums, list events. Do and suggest every possible way to build more fun & traffic to the place. Send notices on the groups Hosts Pick a certain schedule, and host, entertain the members of the group, have fun and talk! Frequent advertisements will be notified to members in public. Hosts events, just basically keep the vibe alive and kinky! Voice is a must, if you cannot voice then please do not apply for this. Freelance Strippers In need of some immediate money? Think you can RP? Want to set up your own charging rate? Be a freelance stripper, no escorting will be taken. Voice is preferable but you can still apply without. Payment: Pay is negotiable, experienced may offer more pay. For any inquiries, please contact: akazumi2012 or i3loodDevil Hop On Aboard and be a part of us!
  14. Hey i was letting you guys know there a good new sim out there that's new that hires freelance dancers, security and hosts. It's new but the owner is really good to talk to same with managers and co-owner. I'd say hands down the best drama free sim on sl. It's also free to join and they have awesome prices for V.I.P's and i herd that secuirty, hosts and dancers get 70% of the tips they earn. Idk why don't you guys check it out. Mind you it is a new business and prob needs alot of traffic to build up the sl users. But come down anyways cause its always fun. SUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tenerona/5/12/21
  15. Just wondering is there anyone who knows good places to advertise my adult sim in sl? let me know
  16. Hi guys we are currently open and looking for the following people to join our fanastic little sim. Freelance Strippers: 70% Tips Go to You! Security: 70% tips go to you! Host: 70% goes to you! I'll explain the roles of secuirty and host to you once you enter. Mic preferable. If you wanna come join us our surl is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tenerona/34/9/22
  17. Hi my sim just open and i'm currently looking for hosts and secuirty for my sim. If you know how to talk dirty and keep on topic and have a mic then feel free to join my sim and i'll fill in the details, Security is needed as well to look after the sim and get rid of griefers and people who are plan rude. If you have the moxie to do it then come to my sim and i'll fill in the details.Also tips are 80% to you and 20% to the sim., so therefore you will be earning big bucks once it get's busy. With advertsing agents i need someone who knows how to get the people in know all the spots to post our sim on advertsing boards and keep up with the crowed. Also A.A's will get paided 1000L per week as requested by my fellow co-owner cause that's the only way you get to cover us for advertsing and costs. If you read this by now you know i'm serious, so why not come down and have a chat with me. Our SUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tenerona/34/9/22 Hope to see you there
  18. Oops forgot surl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tenerona/34/9/22
  19. Hello Guys & Dolls we having a grand opening of our new sim. Come hang out and talk dirty to girls and guys. We have sex bed and objects for you to use and we just a laided back lounge where talking dirty is our game.... So why not come down and join us.
  20. Willing to pay you 1500L to help me. Also managers will get 1500L a week for helping me with my land, rezzing and creating some cool signs and other stuff needed
  21. Hi i was wondering is there anyone out there willing to help me build a strippers and escorts busniess. Must have voice and willing to help me customize the building, customize signs and stuff for my building and manage my strippers and escorts. Must also know how to do textures, sign, donation box, rules box ( they click to get rules) Group Joiner, splitting land and anything else i need. Please follow this post up or add me on sl. Look up i3looddevil or Josh Stevenson. Please hurry im in need of managers and people to help me build my land up
  22. Hi my names Josh Stevenson i'm wondering is there anyone out there that can take a couple of photos and customize it to look great. They must be cheap and look good. If you want to find me then look up i3looddevil or Josh Stevenson to discuss what you can do for me.
  23. Hi my names Josh Dark, I'm wondering if anyone was interested in helping me build a fantastic Island for fellow SL users to come to. I was thinking of buying a Private Island and making a adult sim for people to come to. This would be like Roleplay sim, chatting sim and will also have shops and apartments to rent for anyone who is in need of a house for really cheap, I'm looking for people who know about textures, terraforming building land and rezzing shop outlets for people to rent also the same with housing and clubs. Also you must know how to manage land and spit them up into groups so people can go to different parts of my island to visit, also security for it so people will have to pay 100L to join our group to get into the island. Also a starter point for people to rez into and have options to visit other parts of the island by single teleport device ( may need several of them incase it gets real busy, Also looking for people to build custom signs, rental boxes for people to rent and all other general things for the island. I'm willing to pay for your time and wondering if anyone knows people that can work for me as followed: Secuirty , Managers (Senior and Junior) Land Managers, Shop Managers, and i can't think of anymore of them at this second. You must be qualified in doing all this as i am going to save up money asap to do this so please get back to me and we will go to my meeting place and discuss it more. Also need voice to verify you. Thanks get back to me with your name here
  24. Also i need you to require voice chat so i can verify you please. Send me your names so i can add you to my friends list and tp you to my meetup point
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