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  1. I have the Ex Machina Davide body which is much more slender than the others mentioned so far. There isn't much (or any?) specially made clothing for it, but I have no problems using standard size clothes with it.  Though as Matty mentioned with the Jake body, you have to buy a separate hand AO.

    They've also dropped the price; body and head together is under 2k now, and as well as the built-in skins (which are very nice) there are a couple of free skins in the store too.


    The shorts pictured here are included with the body, along with a tank top and colour-change huds.

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  2. At the very least, right-click (NOT left click) should bring up some sort of menu. Even if the edit option is greyed out.  If there is no menu then your mouse is broken.

    Are they rigged mesh shoes? If so then you can't move their position and if there is a fault with that you will have to speak to the creator of the shoe. But if they're prims/sculpts then yes you should be able to move/rotate them even if they are not modify.

    A screenshot would be helpful.

  3. Right-click the shoe and choose Edit.

    Press the CTRL key. See those red, green and blue circles? Click on one of them and drag it round until the shoe is in the correct position.

    Close the edit window to save.

  4. If its an auto-ejection and an adult venue, it might be your height.  Adult venues sometimes set a minimum height (yeah, silly, I know) to keep ageplayers out, but furry avatars and other non-humans are often shorter than average.

  5. Personally I dont care about what happens in another country or if Second Life gets banned from all other countries, Second Life is a service run in the United States OF America blah-blah-blah

    You would care when half your favourite content creators disappeared because they're outside of the US and no longer have access. Then the other half close their businesses because 90% of their customers can't log in any more and they are losing money hand over fist.  Even US users wouldn't stay because the grid would be mostly empty and abandoned and theres no more shopping or entertainment.  Linden Lab would then be forced to pull the plug shortly after, because without their tier and estate payments they go quickly bankrupt.

    Yeah thats a great way to get rid of griefers. Gets rid of everybody else too.

  6. On your People tab you have a list of your friends with the associated permissions. The Eye indicates that they can see you online. Uncheck that for the friend(s) you want to stay hidden from.

    However if you are in any common groups they will be able to see if you are online by looking at the members list. The only way to avoid that is make sure you do not belong to any of the same groups that they do (even keeping your group memberships hidden won't hide that from other members).

  7. I've sent you a copy of my shape inworld. It's a bit taller than yours and because I'm an elf with prim ears, my "shape" ears are tiny, but feel free to use it as a starting point.   I mostly fit size Small in mesh (though it does vary, some creators I need to go up to Medium).

    Link to pic

    (why can't I post an image here?)

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