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  1. I'm also having this problem. I've tried every fix I can find, to no avail. Waiting on my support ticket to see if there's any holds.
  2. Every time I try to log in (on any viewer, I've tried base, firestorm, and lumiya) it fails to login and stops at updating friends lists. The most common response is to delete your viewers, and reset the cache. I did a clean install of all my viewers and it still doesn't work. I'm not hacked either, as I can still log into the SL website (obviously). What do I do? I'm scared. EDIT: I got a friend to log in through my computer on teamviewer. He could log into his both his main and his alt on firestorm (we never tried with the default). So it has to be an issue with my account. However, I'm not hacked, I had friends go online to see if I was online which I'm not, and I'm not banned as my account status is active and I haven't received any emails about any bans. I don't know why my account would be inacessible if I was not hacked or banned. I also changed my password and checked to make sure I was on the same email, just in case, so I know my username, password, and email are all correct.
  3. Alright, so I have a girlfriend (duh) and we wanna partner each other. However, it says 'your proposal has been sent' even though it hasn't. She doesn't receive an email, I don't receive an email. Is it because I'm typing her name wrong? It says type your friend's username first AND last. However, both of us do not have a last name on our account (I'm Drayyenn, she's RobinUnknown) so has anyone found a fix to this problem or what? --||-
  4. Hi, my main account got banned. I heard from a friend that verifying my age would allow me to get it back, as I had broken the rules on age restrictions. The age recorded was NOT the age on file. I was account verified, so what would age verification do? Also, I heard verifying age under certain circumstances allows pre-access to adult level sims, which I think you can agree is a little hard to believe. Basically can I get my account back, and keep all permissions? Or would I be downgraded to a moderate level rating?
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