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  1. Hello Dakota, thank you for your reply. All my items are listed like this (image) with the 'extra items' inside the stock folder
  2. Ah thank you, many listings went offline too, I removed them, thought my shop was getting too big or so
  3. Hello everyone, since a few weeks I can't add more items to my shop. After adding a new item there's an error message (picture 0002.png) but looking at my listings I see only 4228 listings (picture 0001.png). There aren't offline listings. Maybe there's a maximum of 20.000 items inside the folders? I don't think there are so many objects. Help :-)
  4. Thank you, already thought of that but was hoping there was another trick :-)
  5. If you rez a mesh clothing item to take a picture its sleeves point to the side as you can see in picture 01. How can I take pictures with the sleeves down without wearing it? I'm not the creator of these clothes.
  6. Listing the items is easy, it takes a lot of time to transfer the items from the magic boxes to this system but after that it's a lot less work, I'm happy with that. Since a few days the viewer crashes a lot and gives me this error every time I open it: The transaction with the marketplace failed with the following error: Reason: 'STATUS_EXPIRED'
  7. Yes, I've about ten now, I was trying to spread my items over more than 1 because not every item was showing up when I used only one magic box.
  8. To sell my PlantPet seeds which are no copy I've to use the 'old' Magic Boxes. Some of the items in the box aren't showing up in my Merchant Home after I pushed the 'sync marketplace with magic boxes' button and since yesterday I'm not able to add more items, even if there's only 1 item in a new box. Is there a limit?
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