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  1. I'm looking to rent ~400 prims for ~500L$ per week. Adult region. I'd need full permissions. I have references.
  2. Hoping this is where to post this... Have a mesh house, and I keep losing things when I try to rez them on the floor. I think I heard that this happens with certain meshes. So my idea was to create an invisible prim, lay it over the mesh floor, and use that to rez on. But it only seems to work if the prime is NOT invisible. As soon as I crank transparency up to %100, I can no longer rez items onto it. I'm obviously missing something here. Can anyone clue me in, please?
  3. Thank you. I'll keep an eye out for your IM.
  4. I looking to hire someone who is VERY good at editing terrain to come to my land and fix the jagged mess I made. I bought a house, with a basement, for a huge amount (for me) of L$. The land I'm renting is nearly flat against the water level. So not wanting a flooded basement, I attempted to make a gentle natural-looking hill. That part was easy. Things went south though when I tried to excavate a space for the basement. I now have these horrible peaks and dips all around the perimeter of my house foundation that no amount of smoothing or flattening (by me) can fix. So, there's the problem
  5. I have the centaur now (Hoof It), and while not very happy with the cartoonish look, there is no other choice at the moment. Realistek isn't even worth mentioning; the the legs become disjointed when you move. I've been searching without luck for an AO for my guy. Any suggestions?
  6. Greetings I'm looking for suggestions for a top notch centaur avatar/body. Price is of no concern. I'm very picky when it comes to how I look in SL (not a darn thing I can do about my being ugly in RL). What I'd like to find out is about the human to horse seam; is it smooth? Is the aspect balanced (does the horse body completely dwarf the human, for example)? Do the hind legs move in concert with the fore? And such things as laying down, rearing up, running, walking, etc. (the AO). And a couple oddball questions; what about dancing? And.... sex? Any help is truly appreciated.
  7. I bought a modifiable piece of clothing. It has a dagger that I want removed. I've checked the Edit Linked box, selected the dagger, then hit Ctrl, Shift, L. But it still remains linked. What am I missing?
  8. I do appreciate your suggestion, SID Riler, but after checking out their products, I'm thinking that you may have misunderstood what I'm looking for. I want a sculpted landscape that I can stand on, with a running stream and pool that I can stick my bottom in, and a few trees to bump into. In other words, a glade.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this... Is it possible to make a realistic outdoor landscape on a skybox? What I'd like is to have a few gently rising hills surrounding a level central area, a stream flowing into a pond, and a few trees. If this is possible, would one of you knowledgeable folk please tell me how?
  10. I went to a Firestorm Support class shortly after posting this here (Joined the group as well after seeing how much they were willing to help. Thank you Blue.), and I think just being there scared my game straight. It fixed itself. Or it could be that I removed whatever it was that was causing what Innula Zenovka described without knowing it. Thank you for your help guys.
  11. You can definitely click on objects. Just can't use the pie interface (or whatever it's called). Been using 1st person clicking since I first arrived a few days ago.
  12. Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but... I''m having problems clicking on things while in 1st person. I didn't have this problem last night, and don't recall changing any settings. Any suggestions? Thanx
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