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  1. Thank you for all the great suggestions, here and in world! I will look into them, but from my exploration it seems like Gor is just another excuse for people to form groups of 'we were here first' roleplayers that don't welcome anyone who isn't 100% confident in thier ability to participate. I guess if I can't blackmail one of my friends into trying it out with me I'll just explore it on my own. Again, thanks SO much for the responses! I'll definitly be posting again when I have more questions or something juicy to talk about! <3
  2. Hello all, I am interested in at the very least learning about Gorean roleplay in SL, if not experiencing it with a well versed player. However, although I have spent time going from sim to sim, I have yet to find one where I feel like I am welcome as a newcomer and might meet someone that would be willing to deal with all my questioning and excitement. I am looking for someone who will be willing to get to know me and help me understand Gorean roleplay in SL. I want to know where the best places to roleplay are and find out how to become part of a Gorean community. (I have my own SL income and am quiet able to take care of myself, so I am not looking for someone to fund my interests) Please feel free to contact me in world if you are willing to chat with me about Gor in SL or know a good place to start out anyway, as I haven't had much luck and am about ready to just move on to something else to explore. Thank you for your time. :)
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