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  1. Since a while i am wanting to have my own little baby dragon at home.. After long search i found some, Dranopia dragons, but they are breedables.. That might work just i dont know how all of this works... What i'm really looking for is a cute little babydragon, that wanders around my garden, that is my pet, not a shoulder pet, but one that waits for me to come home, that is always there when i am and that i can play with..interact with.. At this point i dont really want to breed with my dragon so i was wondering if the dranopia dragon i can just keep by itself without breeding? Can anyone help me with this pls? Thank you Flossie
  2. I'm looking for someone that wants to share a part of their island or beachy land for me to rent, or a sky platform with ocean view, where i can set my home..for an affordable price (for me at least) I do not need a house so i'm only looking for a space to make myself a nice garden area, where i can have some descent amount of prims, where i can have privacy and where i can set up maybe a stream with some music that i like, or maybe the stream you have already has that. Most of the times i'm not even home (out fighting) but when no fighting going on i would like to have my own space to decorate and just listen to my music, have a relaxing time. I have been looking for something like that in a lot of places but either it was not my budget or not what i'm looking for. Thought i try it here, maybe someone out there would like to share what they have.. and that way maybe make up for a bit of rent or tier they pay themselves.
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