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  1. Sorry that happened to you too, Sassy, but thanks for verifying that it's not just on my side! Wasn't sure that I was reading that expiry time correctly but I'll admit to rolling my eyes a bit when I saw it. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out tomorrow when somebody on their end notices.
  2. Same problem here this afternoon using Firestorm, but only on the beta grid. I'm able to connect to the main grid with no problem. Actual error is "The certificate returned by the grid appears to be expired. Please check your system clock, or contact your Grid administrator." Edited to add: Yes, I did check my system clock. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  3. anselm Hexicola wrote: This is by way of saying that you may find this thread of interest. Very much of interest, thank you!
  4. Aquila Kytori wrote: Standing on one leg maybe fun idea to start with but can become tiring after a while, but that's when the real fun can begin By day I'm a software engineer, so this really is my idea of fun. :matte-motes-nerdy: Great link, thanks! I've been working on learning how to make my own LODs efficiently. This afternoon I've focussed primarily on baking high-poly to low-poly. Brain officially bleeding. good fun! You guys have no idea how grateful I am that you exist and are so helpful here. I obsessively read this forum (when I'm not poking at/cussing at Blender).
  5. Ohhh, okay - that actually makes perfect sense. Thank you so much! That correlates with something else I was noticing, too: That parts of the model were losing detail at a much shorter distance in the unjoined version. This becomes a fun balancing act, doesn't it?
  6. This is probably a real noob question, but it has me scratching my head. Hopefully it's an easy one for y'all to answer. And feel free to point and laugh, too. :matte-motes-big-grin: I built a house in Blender. Fairly large but not too terribly complex. Imported said house to the test grid, decided that the LI was too high (a tad over 100), and proceeded to separate it into several logical pieces in Blender. I then simplified each piece as much as I possibly could. So here's what has me a bit baffled: If I select all of the pieces, unjoined, export them together to .dae, and import to the tes
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