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  1. i have see many sofas, mesh hands, necklaces with many small parts on them and more that when i drop them says 1 objects selected - land impact 1
  2. itried it but it was still up to 1 prim so is there any tutorial that shows from the beginning till the end how we can do it? to make a item, 1 prim only!
  3. I have seen many mesh products like furnitures,hands,clothes that are very high detailed and with many triangles to shown up 1 prim and 1 land impact only, How this can be possible? Is there any tutorial or video shown how they do it? or someone can exmplane me how i can do it? I have ask the creators in a notecard on how they do it but they are not answering me... ok i know i disturb them but it is a big solution!
  4. or maybe not working as i expected..... I still have this problem in some pieces and i do it step by step with a video tutorial. but i havent understand something. How they made this transparency around the shades? Because its only arround the shades and not in all hair so maybe this technique fixes the png problem ....
  5. I create my textures that i want to put them on shades with alpha channels and i save them as 32 bit tga and it works! Thank you very much!
  6. Propably there is another thread about mesh hair transparency but i have really confused.... I have made a mesh base hair with jpg texture parts. On the top and in front part I want to put shades but.. when I put the texture png i get a transparency with which I can see the bottom and the parts are very weird and inside each other. I noticed that some mesh hair have something like invisible prim around or in shades only. Some other haven't this invisible prim but are ok without any problem like I get from png. Do you know how to fix it or make this invisible prims.....or do you have any tutorial link about? I using blender
  7. The new fashion of subscriber kiosk inundates our Second Lifes , Day by Day but many people have begun to fret A sort explanation of What is a subscriber kiosk (for those who havent informed about) ? Subscriber Kiosk is a system that creates a list of subscribers / residents who want to receive announcments / informations / gifts / notecards / ÍMs and anything else you like to send / inform to all the subscribers or to some of them.Subsriber kiosk is like a simple group but you dont have to remove groups to join (if you have not space) or you dont want to remove one or more of them There are 2 types of subscribers . Manual ( Subscribe / unsubscribe by pressing a board or a menu ) and Automatic (Automatically Subscribe without knowing it) After a search I find myself been a subscriber in up to 10 various groups such as SOREAL, Bare , Bondage Heel , Cynful , SL Ad Group and more, that uses Automatic Subscribers , without pressing any subscriber button or agree with that. I automatically subscribe them by purcase a product,by pressing their boxes for info or through marketplace. Some of them are spaming me everyday with messages and notecards without my agreement. Some people have report them for Spaming through abuse report but Linden Lab hasn't do Something about. Do you believe that Subscriber kiosks are better than groups? Is a type of solution to the limit of groups? Is the automatically Subscribe a way to stay in touch with the store that you make purchases? Is Automatic Subscription or Manual Subscription actually a kind of Spam, If you have the option to unsubscribe direct to the board or system which is located in the Store / business / sim / area ? Why the subscribe notecards and message are a kind of spam and Group's notices and messages are not? Is this system (manual & automatic ) approved by linden lab? I would love to read your opinions about
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