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  1. Merci beaucoup Trinity ! I did it and it worked fine. Maybe if I may be allowed to give the LL team a humble piece of advice : please put the link of the download links for the 3.8 viewer at the top of the knowledge base page because, for my part and for any reason, the wiki link from the mail you sent me did not opened while the one to the knowledge base did... Thanks again and hats off for this major and brillant improvement the VMM is
  2. Hi everyone So here we are, the VMM is activated to my account and I am very excited because I truly beleive it is a major improvement. I changed some things in existing folders and it worked just fine. The issues start when I want to create a new listing. I follow the English knowledge base of the VMM and here are step by step the problems I encounter : Infos : I use the Second Life 3.8.1 (303130) Jun 30 2015 16:26:17 (Second Life Release) version that sounds to be latest official. I received the mail that says my MP has been migrated. 1.Open the Marketplace Listings window in the Second Life Viewer by choosing Me > Marketplace listings from the top menu bar. When I do this there is no Marketplace Listings window in the developed menu Me. So right I opened the inventory clicking its side button and found the Marketplace Listings window. 2.Open your Inventory window by choosing Me > Inventory from the top menu bar. So of course here I opened a new window from the wheel... in order to have a window with my inventory and one with the Marketplace Linstings window. 3. Drag your product from the Inventory window to the section of the Marketplace Listings window labeled Drop folders here to create new listings. It now appears under the Unassociated tab. Here I have no Drop folders here to create new listings section... I droped manually the new listing folder in the VMM and reload the MarketPlace manage listing page in order to see if it could work that way but not. I also tried to drop the folder in the Merchant Outbox (that still exists) but it returns me errors (an it doesn't tell me which ones). Please help ! Thank you and have a good rest of the day Pierre Ceriano, for Le Comptoir des Tissus
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