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  1. I've been here since 2010.. I have had thoughts before of posting a message in this forum but I had never the guts to do it. I guess its because i'm shy, not only here.. in rl aswell. I am an 18-year old chilean girl living in Sweden. I speak swedish, spanish and english. My english is not so good, so bare with me lol :) I've messaged some people on here in this forum last year, I've sent them a long notecard on SL but when they are in my contacts list all they say is "Hey, how are you? whatsup?" I answer, and nothing else happens. After a while, they disappear. I'm a bit shy to go on mic, I don't put it at all. If i'm comfortable with you then I will put it on just for you =) I guess I want some SL friends who can IM me everyday if they want, and hangout with me whenever they can.. without disappearing ofcourse lol. I accept all people, so its just to send me an introduction NC to see who you are and I will read it :) Oh, and also, I don't mind if you want to talk about anything related to RL, my facebook, stuff like that. So yea.. this is me. Nice to meet you. x
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