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  1. As noted above - my AV is wandering, changing directions and rapidly jerking when standing still. Removing my AO, physics layer, RLV and all clothing does not help. Switching to a different body and hair did not help. This bug occurs on the standard SL viewer as well as Pheonix Firestorm. Teleports often give a "Teleport failed - teleporting is blocked" error, but it still teleports me correctly. Things I type in chat often double post, and it happens more rarely in IM's. Unlike lag walking, it will change directions without me hitting any buttons, and if I hit the key to change direction it 'struggles" with me, attempting to continue on it's chosen path. I was recently on a prison sim, and the RLV jailkeeper did prevent me from teleporting with that same error message, but other than it starting shortly after my release, there doesn't seem to be any other connection. The jail titler/rlv was removed when I left. Any ideas? I'm at my wits end with this.It goes away for hours, a day sometimes, but then it comes back.
  2. My body piercings are visible through my clothing (sticking out through them), which doesn't seem like an ideal look. Is there a way to edit them so they no longer do so, or do they sell piercings that are not visible through clothing? The one I have is an attachment, placed on the spine. Thanks in advance!
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