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  1. I see functions to add people to those lists, and to clear them. Is there any function that can get the list of existing names?
  2. Right, because obviously there is simply no possible situation were any kind of secrecy or privacy is needed. What a pleasant and simple world you must live in.
  3. Ahh, I had hoped at first that meant you could donate land from one group to another. But you need a 2nd account that can own land, not just the group. Pity.
  4. Maybe I am an upstanding citizen working on good causes with a good reputation who secretly visits a deviant SL dance club and wants to support them without getting a bad reputation. Maybe I am a real life deviant dance club owner with a bad reputation and and strange desires who wants to support a good cause without getting a good reputation. Maybe I don't want to cause drama by giving land to one group and not their rival. Maybe I just like my privacy. Does it really matter? Nobody needs to justify a desire to be anonymous.
  5. An alt is not an option in this case. I suspected it was impossible, oh well. Maybe extra controls for land or groups will be added in a suprise update!
  6. Is there any way to do this? If you contribute to a group you have to be a member, and other members can see your name. Is there a way to contribue without being part of the group? Or hide some group members from other members? Or have two groups attached to land, one for donaters and one for members? I have a feeling none of these works sadly. Any other suggestions?
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