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  1. Hey all, We have a half sim available on our Moderate rated private estate. This rental is priced to help us with tier - NOT to make a profit! Half sim : 7500 prims : L$9,300 per week! You can use the land for anything you wish - so long as you're not hogging all of the sim resources! Once you decide to rent we'll install the rental box in a location of your choosing. We'll also move it for you at any time should you need/want us to. ;) If this interests you, please contact one of the following people who will be happy to show you the sim, and get you set up in a matter of minutes: Ryan Galasso (ryandobson Resident)Esteban (sorrano Resident) Click here to visit the parcel! We really look forward to speaking with you - let us share a little piece of this awesome digital world together! :) Thanks for reading!
  2. Hey everyone, I have a question regarding the purchase of land on a private estate. Just over a week ago, I bought land that was listed as 'Adult' and also that either Residential or Commercial use was ok. This is ideal for me as I needed Adult Commercial land, so I went ahead and bought 2 adjoining parcels. The landlord was very helpful and even merged the 2 boxes into one for me. However, I logged in today to see that the sim has been changed to Moderate Residential only. I just renewed my lease for another week (5K +) and now I have land which is of no use to me! My question is, how do I stand here? Am I owed a refund or is this a risk I must take? Like can the Landlord change this whenever they like with no notice? None was received, by the way. Any help would be much appreciated! Ethan
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