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  1. The Gods (or Demons) have smiled on me, I found my Demon lover!! Good luck to everyone looking for that special someone, there's romance and role play in the air. Keep on looking!!!
  2. I would be very interested in knowing what this is about.
  3. Seeking Demon Dom for eternal torment and suffering. Must be strict, brutal and lustful. Willing to give the right Demon my total submission. Just looking for the right Demon Dom to settle down with, get married and raise a few hundred little demons... :) j/k Please IM in game.
  4. Shyoan

    What is an applier?

    I've been enjoying the shopping on Second Life. Though some items work more successfully than others, it has come to my attention that an applier is required. So my question is what is an applier, and how does it work?
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