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  1. Hello ❤

    I Had a conversation with one of the guy friend in world, about how hard is it to fine Friends :c 

    specially if you are shy & awkward. so he suggested that I write a post here.

    So I am looking for "girl" Friends, and guys are welcome too.. tho I seem to notice they never keep it PG :c

    I usually spend my time jumping from a sim to another, Gacha Hunting, Shopping or recently I am practicing taking Pictures. 

    I am always open to try new thing ofc ❤ .. I am Arab In RL ( the reason I mention that, because some people have problem with this + English isn't my First language so just a heads up!)

    I like Going to clubs, Listening to music A LOT. Most of The time I spend is listening to music and on Flickr xD .. been trying Plurk : X maybe it will be my new obsession : D

    I have a lot of free time, so I am always looking to fill my time up with whichever is fun and nice : D 

    I am really shy but if I feel comfy with you, I tend to talk too much : X 

    My style usually is cute and Pinkish .. if you think we would match, Drop me an IM in world ❥

  2. Hello , 

    I took a long break from SL due to RL Issues , and now I am just trying to find myself 

    and 99% of my SL Friends aren't active any more :(

    so I am looking to find a friend , Male or female doesn't matter :)

    I am very open minded & I tend to be very chatty, love exploring new sims , Dancing.. I also spend most of my time at Frank's ( I just love the people there )

    Also I enjoy shopping too <3 , and I been told that I am very awkward & play too much :P , I have to admit I tend to over share .. hope that doesn't annoy anyone :(

    added me if you are interested ^^

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  3. هلا ياحلوين 

    كنت اضيف الليندين عن طريق رسائل الجوال والان اعتقد منعوها !

    ف مامعاي كردت كارد ندي حساب عادي ببطاقه الراجحي

    فهل في اي طريقه اقدر اشتري ليندين ببطاقه الراجحي ؟


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