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  1. "Check your email for your case number." E-mail changed! How can check it please? If he delete my account what may I do please?
  2. hello friends. my partner changed my contact information (mail address etc..) and changed my password. Is it possible to take back my account please?
  3. I will try to show with a screen shot please:
  4. When I look at my transaction history, I saw that only ID prefix number. I want to know what I sent to somebody or what somebody sent to me? There is only prefix number in transaction history. There is no name of the thing!
  5. Hello friends. Can we find out what is the ID prefix object please? I know the object's prefix but I want to learn what is that object? Thank you very much.
  6. When I learn the truth, I will leave her. I can't do this now because I have no proof in my hand! I know she is doing secret things. But as ı said before, I have no any proof. Thank you.
  7. Maybe it is rude but I saw somethings that I am not sure. So, I want to learn that logs to make sure. I can't sleep, I can't feel well myself. Thank you for your reply.
  8. Hello friends. I know my Partner's password. I want to learn what she talking with the others via pm. Is there anyway to learn that please? We are using 2 different pc. Thanks for your help.
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