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  1. i made this profile for securty (lol) reasons. I am a male. Ive been on SL for a while with another AVI. Ive met a lot of really nice people. I have one thing I can not figure out and need some help understanding. Most of my friends are females,,,well, ok, they all are. A couple of them I have come to know pretty close. Both have had bad experiences in thier previous relationships. One had her BF cheat and lie to her constantly. The other was in a relationship where she was verbally and mentally abused. Now, they both are going back with these guys. What is it? Is it the bad boy image? Do they think they can change these guys? Can someone help me understand this? Ive been in one relationship in SL. It ended when she cheated and lied to me. The guy she cheated on me with was a "bad boy". I have no intention of going back with her. I am not a bad boy, never pretened to be one. Is there room for good guys in SL? Sidebar: I have no romatic interest in the above mentioned friends. Just trying to understand.
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