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  1. Huh, would you look at that. I guess it is.
  2. I know I don't look like a swaggot, it's what I'm avoiding. Thanks for the links!
  3. Could anyone recommend a decent shop for younger, modest clothes? I don't want to look like a swaggot.
  4. I have to wait until next month, unfortunately, to purchase more L$. Is there a way around this restriction? Thanks for the feedback. :cathappy:
  5. I recently got into Second Life, and am looking to RP a male a bit older than me, around mid twenties. I went and bought some clothes, but I feel like I look more like a dad than a younger guy. What do you think? http://i.imgur.com/dtxQ1R5h.jpg
  6. Hi, do I have to register to be part of the school, and do I have to attend every class?
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