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  1. arne1999


    i have somme items i wonne sale on the markedplace but where do i uplode them
  2. i made a new acount to im people that need to know i iam for a time not onlain but can i move my acount to my working acount whit my landmarks end stuff end ... bdw i still get days more end more
  3. arne1999

    log in

    hello me agin about that problem i see there a lot more whit the same problem but i still cand log in thay say i need to whait but how long i need qus i have jobs to do end if some wonne can contact linden about this qus there more people ty
  4. hello every one thats set a comand i try to log in agin today but now it gifs my a day more this isn't normal inymore
  5. I have the same problem it say I can not log in cuss the system logs my out until 2013-04-14 06:16:38 sow I wonne know it 2
  6. arne1999

    inlog failed

    A couple a days ago I ask for the chat once one a day it was Gonne by nothing end now I have a other problem when I log in it crash always by connecting to Reagan but install in install again a lot but its just the same sow plz help my
  7. arne1999


    when i klik on my chat my secondlife stop en go away end do i need to start agin even afer a day i it still not gonne sow what i need to do whitout my chat i cand do inthing : i instal agin but i still have the same problem when i klik on my chat it stil crach
  8. arne1999

    money back

    i buy on the markedplase a costume of it but i have a bit of problems whit it but i pay 499l end i ask the maker for it but hy dont send inthing beck sow what i need to do
  9. arne1999

    Linden auction

    I have a couple of quistions : if I bid on land end don't win is my money that I bid gone end do you need to pay weekly end were I can see how mach's prims it got
  10. just IM thet one end in the personal chat jou will see pay end pay him
  11. every one know the marked plase but how i uplode shomthing to sale it
  12. arne1999

    buy land

    above there is a butten buy land i thake a look but its only in us dollers can jou buy it whit lindens
  13. how do i uplode somthing in my markedplase i look a lot for it but dont find it end when its import file it dont work than i klik on it en there come on my screen no file's to import sow plz help my
  14. cen i buy land end not pay weekley end way do i need to be 30 days ould for a job
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