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  1. Thanks! How odd, Mac updater used to prompt you to upgrade OS....I'l try it.
  2. Oh, and my internet connextion is wireless, but I could plug into the router. Its a standard broadband connection, running at about 4500kbps the weird thing is that they all used to work....
  3. I'm on an iMac 7,1 running OS x 10.5.8 with the 2GHz intel core 2 duo processor. THink its from 2010.
  4. Hi all, I am a mac user and am having some problems - I did a cleanreinstall of sl in an effort to get it to work faster and now no viewers aside from the project viewer - (simple inventory) will load at all. I don't even get a log in screen. All I get is the icon appearing as if it was going to load up on the bottom of my screen and then 'crashing unexpectedly' I have tried Firestorm, the latest LL viewer asnd singularity, is all the same. I am guesing that I have some invenory issues, but I have no diea what. I have tried clearing the cache etc to no avail.... Thanks for the help Jimi.
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