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  1. We NEED more groups. I am sick and tired of paying L$ to join a group, then having to delete them to make room for others only to re-pay to join again at a later time. Realistically, 100 groups is not too much to ask for. How about rewriting the code to introduce a universal group tag so that the user can join an unlimited number of groups? This way the user wears one tag to receive group messages or takes it off to not. Much in the same way curently being used, when a user joins or unjoins a group, it is added or removed from a database file. Whichever is more robust and costwise, the users group database files can be stored locally or remotely. By using one universal group tag, the user doesn't need to switch group tags upon entering their favorite place. They only need one tag activated and to be joined to a particular group. This one of my wishes for the future of Second Life. Thanks.
  2. I can't unblock a person. Everytime I login, they keep reappearing in the blocked list after I remove them. Any Ideas? Also, they are the only person in my list.
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