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  1. There is still 4 more hours to go for my Obstacle Course event. Simply walk and jump from prim to prim high in the sky. if you can complete the course on the first try you'll win $200. You can try as many times as you want to win the $100 prize. Just thought I'd throw this out here being that no one has showed up in the past hour LMAO! If no one comes in 2 hours I'll close the event and chalk it up to a failed attempt to create fun. lol
  2. I was looking for one that doesn't require the touch command. Where the prim fades in and out of transparency automatically. Thanks
  3. a script that would make a prim fade in and out of transparency with a timer option to make the prim fade away faster or slower. If so where can I get it?
  4. Where do people buy skins to have exclusive rights to them? Is there a web site to buy skins with real cash? Hard to believe that anyone could create skins from scratch like that. If so I'd love to see a video of a skin in the making.
  5. I bought a skin template and modified it in Photoshop. When I go to save the head, upper and lower it automatically wants to save each as .PNG I asked someone they said save as .TGA So now I'm confused. Which loads faster in world on the avatar .PNG or .TGA?
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