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  1. I'm sorry you feel that way. And if there are people who don't feel comfortable venting or don't wish to they don't have to. The purpose is to give people a chance to let go whatever they would like to someone who isn't tied to the situation or are in the know of it. We are not trying to sway their opinion or try to manipulate them in anyway. Simply just talking with them and letting them come to their own conclusions. Sometimes it takes you talking to a unrelated third party to look at something in a different way and act upon it from there. We are a small office so for the time being outside of english services can be offered in Spanish, French and Italian. We are working towards a broader scope so that we can and will be able to handle a wider variety of clients.
  2. SL can be a great place to meet people even as in RL we have situations that we may need to be understood on. It doesn't hurt to talk it out with some one that hasnt already formed an opinion. Friends /family some times see things one way. Come on out and check out Against All OddS Counseling Service where you can discuss any thing in private without being judge be it RL issues you just need to vent about, SL issues you want to RP out whatever the case is come and let us work through it with you. We have a great staff avail to serve your every need.
  3. Agaisnt All Odds is a counseing office that specalixes in family and relationship issues. We are currently hiring for our office assistant position.We are a small office as we are just starting out and are in need of an Office Assistant to help get our name out. Duties will include adding to the group, making group notices ,spamming and greeting people at the office upon their arrival. We are a very close staff so working well and being comfortable around others is a must. If interested or have any questions please send a note card inworld to ladydistain09 Thank you, S.K.B.
  4. Hello all!! I am in search of a dad and brothers. I love my sister to death but she doesn't know the first thing about comics and lets not start on video games. And I would really love for my kids to have a grandfather and uncles. I've always wanted a father here and after my SL mom just up and left I figured why not ask. As for a brother(s) I recently lost my RL brother by a neglegent driver and really want to share a sibling bond again. Watching my kids interact with eachother as well as with my fiance makes me wish I could have those bonds for myself. I little about me..I am a tomboy at heart (as well as an 80's freak). I love to shop and and hang out. I also love beating any challengers in ps4 or 3. I love movies with loud explosions, fast cars and big guns as well as challenging andyones knowlege of the Marvel or D.C. comic relm. Recently I have goten into the Pacific Rim Jaegers and would love to pick someomes brian about them. I love acient history (Greek, Roman, and Eqypian) and as of late have been becoming a photography freak as well. In all I would like to have a dad to confide in, cry to, talk with and just share those father and daughter moments with and brothers to annoy, argue over vidoe games with and build/have the best sibling bond with. If interested plase send me a NC I get capped at lot. user name is ladydisdain09 or my display name 亗 Smokey M. Cross 亗 Thanks for reading this! ^_^ Smokey M.C.♥
  5. Hi all :matte-motes-big-grin: I'm looking for siblings to join in on the fun and randomness that is me and my family. I have three kids and and uncle but nothing beats a sibling bond. I only ask that you feel completely comforatble an be yourself around us and that you at least like kids. The kids and I love to hangout, play games, and lounge around at home and I would love to be able to invite other family members in and have a great time. For the most part we are all in EST but I'm willing to work with anyone truely interseted and would like to join. Please IM me inworld @ ladydistain09 Thanks and hope to meet you soon!!! Smokey♥
  6. <p>Hello all,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I'm looking for someone (preferably a vampire or someone willing to play a dark character) to play my grandfather, the great Darius Amarande. I can pass you the note card in world if you are seriously interested. Thanks in advance Smokey ♡
  7. Looking for an individual(s) who would like to be apart of an amazing clan and play bloodlines. Only seeking those who want to play BL as either a vampire or lycan. This clan does not use blooddolls. If interested please send a notecard to Smokey Morado (ladydistain09) Thank you, Smikey Morado ♥
  8. Yep as Missy said once she has found a family/ clan of her liking she can then re- liege. Her new liege will make a deal with her old one and then a potion is involved to move her soul but It's a fairly easy process. If she needs help finding one I know of a few good ones :-)
  9. My daughter is being harassed by her former father, his alts, and through people whom he's asked to contact her. She has blocked majority of them but he has now made several groups referencing untrue and disgusting things about her. I have no clue what to do about this since blocking him is clearly not working. Please help me I don't want her to leave SL because of some jerk. Thank you, Smokey Morado ♥
  10. Still looking for an Adult son :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  11. Thank you to everyone who responded to my first post you guys are amazing!! I am back seeking the whole shabang! I'm talking siblings, aunt, uncles, cousins, extended family members, god kids/ parents, and family friends. If interested you can IM me in world @ user name Smokey (ladydistain09) I get capped sometimes so drop me a NC. or you an simply reply here I can't wait to meet you :matte-motes-big-grin: Smokey ♥
  12. I am looking for an older teen/ adult son/daughter to join our family. I am a single mother of 3, I have a set of fraternal twins that are 15 and an older daughter who is 20. We love to go bowling, skating, visiting the zoo an amusement parks as well as shopping, having fun and walking the dog together, hanging out/ annoying each other. We are truly a family and we treat each other as such. If you are a fun loving person who doesn't mind a few siblings, can have fun anywhere, and is comfortable enough to be themselves around us we would love to have you! Please IM me in world user name is Smokey (ladydistain09) so we can meet up and chat! I look forward to meeting you :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Smokey♥
  13. Hi!! I'm also looking to extend my family and I would love to have siblings. I'm 22 and love hanging out. IM me inworld anytime @ Ladydistain09
  14. Hi! I'm fairly new to SL and would love to be apart of a family here. feel free to IM me Ladydistain09 :-)
  15. Hi! I'm fairly new to SL and I would love to join you. IM me anytime my user name is ladydistain09
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