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  1. -=< Paradise Suites >=- Brand new to SL! Thank you for your interest in paradise suites. Below you will find out some general information about our rentals and community areas. OVERVIEW Paradise suites offers quality furnished skyboxes for rent along with a common social area for all of our tenants use. Our aim is to not only provide a high quality home but also to create an intimate drama free community for our residents. The common area is located on the Sansara mainland continent with direct access to mainland roadways and protected open sea access. COMMON AREA
  2. Quick FAQ: -- Light RP Cabal that combines the game play of TSW with the better RP possibilities of Second Life. -- Light RP meaning we push being in character but do not require full RP scenes, although we will be having RP events in SL and some members like to setup RP scenes in TSW. -- Multi-Faction Cabal -- School is open to all, you do not have to be in the Cabal to RP at our area in Second Life. -- Over 18 only, even your RP characters. Because we do have sexual options available at the school in Second Life we do require that people be 18 and over, even in character. -- Classes t
  3. Oh, there is no fee to be part of the school. That is only if you want your own personal residence on the sim. People can attend the school without having to live in the dorms.
  4. The Dartmoor Academy of St. Columba Combining gameplay and story line of The Secret World with the role play possabilities of Second Life. --+-- The Dartmoor Academy, situated on the edge of the Dartmoor in southern Devonshire, hails itself as a preparatory college for young students looking to insinuate themselves into the larger universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or further abroad. From Highway A38 that runs its south-eastern edge, the stoic stone and iron fence, and the weathered brass sign with letters in some basic font give no clue as to the scholarly institution within. But when one
  5. Bordeaux Island Retreat will be hosting its grang opening sometime after the new year. We look forward to meeting all you who are able to attend. A date will be posted soon. In the meantme feel free to get an early jump on things and come check out the island now. It is nearing competion with only minor details left to finish. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. Please do come visit us, we offer a variety of activities for your role play needs. *takes the pamphlets from his wife and passes them around* Air Taxi Cape Atlantica Air Taxi services Bordeaux Island, as well as the other Outer Bank islands in with a daily air service that flies out every three hours in a circuit that includes the mainland cities of New Bern and Chesapeake, Virginia. The full circuit is 170 minutes, and available to all residents and guests and only a modest fee. Flight times from Bordeaux Island: • 6:20a (Lv) --------- Chesapeake 7:15a (Ar) --------- New Bern 7:4
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