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  1. Is there a way to request a JIRA feature request be sent back to the beginning of a workflow, pre-triage? I submitted one report which gained a lot of positive comments from residents and even comments from one Linden who assigned the JIRA. Since that time, additional examples and items and benefits of the report have been added, but it got asigned to a project and the Linden in charge of the project closed it with the notation "unrelated to this project." Is there a way to re-open it as a base project or submit a more detailed report, given that it was assigned as a part of a project it had nothing to do with, or is it completelly doomed short of writing a massive and detailed new proposal that makes the old proposal look like nothing?
  2. I noticed this when i tried the demo. I ended up atatching the box to my hand and right click touch in the inventory window. It seems the box has the Lush brand on one side and the rest is transparent, making it fun to find.
  3. Thanks! I tried some demos from Rosal, and their pose script does override my AO. I'll probably end up buying some of their stuff, but all I need for the corset I have is a pose script like they use there.
  4. I'm not really sure what to call this script, but I ran into it on a demo for a rigged mesh corset, and it seemed to prevent me from bending and twisting at the waist. The thing is, I recently got a mesh corset that I love, but because it is unrigged, I can't wear it without bits of my body clipping through. Could someone please possibly point me to where I could find such a script on it's own? The corset has mod and copy permissions, so finding or creating such a script would allow me to wear an item I really like instead of having to make a rigged version with permission from the creator, buy a different one I don't like as much, or do the impossible and convert it to a rigged mesh with permission. So if someone knows what I am talking about and can help me, it would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
  5. What I want to do and am failing at finding a way to do is make my own naga/lamia look, really just for my own personal fun. I've checked out a couple inworld, the one has a tail that moves, leans forward and slithers and such, but the tail just sits there, it won't coil up or anything, while the other is a dozen or so tail forms that can be seen when it is clicked, and it moves between poses by toggling them, meaning bits tend to not disappear or appear. What I want is to try to make a tail that will listen to commands and move, not just hide and show shapes, so then that way it can be animated to do other things or move different ways, in case I want to program a dance or new animations. I really want to make various length ones, of say 5m and 10m so that different oens cna be atatched depending on personal tastes, but I don't want a dozen hidden ones or just 10m of tail sticking out behind. I want to be able to make the tail coil up around the avi when they aren't moving in a way that is somewhat believable, not just toggled. I've worked with modeling and even animating objects before, just never for SL, nor have I scripted for SL, so I am really not sure how to do any of that. Do I make the tial of a bunch of prims and use an animating scripts? Could a tail be made of a rigged mesh that moves according to commands? I am stuck at the starting gate and looking for advice, since I've never used these tools in this way, so any advice and tips would be extremely appreciated.
  6. Thank you for the help. I managed to find somethign that worked well for what I desired, and am quite pleased with that aspect now. Thanks again!
  7. I must be doing soemthign really wrong, because that store shows up for me as having no items. When I click on the link for the in-world store, it says it couldn't find that region as well. I must have messed something up.
  8. I had this problem myself several times just recently. I had to update the video drivers, which still didn't fix it. I did a ahrd reboot on the computer (hit the reset switch on the front) and it worked from then on. It seems an error was in the memory or somehting, and a hard reset fixed it for me. Just in case it happens again.
  9. Since everyone eher seems a lot more aesthetically inclined than I am and skilled at avatar appearances, I thought I would ask for some help. I've got this cyber naga avi i've been working on, tongue is working (sandly, animations like sticking out the tongue don't effect it) but I cannot find some set of fangs for it. Probably just my search-fu is lacking, so I thought I would ask for help. Currently, she is using the Xcite fangs I already have, but I feel they don't really fit. I was thinking upper and lower fangs might work, or all sharpened teeth like snakes have. So, please, if you have any suggestions for better teeth/fangs, I would really appreciate it. This is her current look. Those fangs aren't what I intend to keep on using, I'm just not too partial to them. So, what does the experienced community suggest? Double fangs? All sharp teeth like a snake? What products? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you. The advice was helpful and will be useful in the future. The tongue, maybe not so much. I have never had somehting that was that frustrating to work with before.
  11. Well, I got the Splittongue from fairysnake, and it is, well, excessivly big for my avatar. I've edited other items more than enough, but the tongue is only out for about half a second, the rest of the time it is hidden away. Unfortunately, I cannpt figure out another way to select it on my avatar so I can edit it to actually come out my mought, not the side of my head, and be of the correct size. What should I do to be able to select it and edit it? I guess it needs to be on to see the result, since I don't know another way to edit it to get the desired effect without it being on my avi. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks! That really helped. Not fully fixed, but I guess I will have to make a custom mask or something to get back the full appearance. But the mask you sent really helped.
  13. Sorry for the poor description. The part is a base that has invisibility prims that get added seperately that hide the waist, legs, feet, and allow the body from the base of the ribcage up to remain visible. When I say the store has not been updated, I meant both the marketplace store and the in game store, which is still around. My worry is that it will need a custom mask, because of the extreme manipulations to the avatar required to make it look like a full size torso and head is on a small platform. The before image of it working on Flickr. And the current picture showing how it now looks.
  14. Sorry for the newbish question, but I have the Cyber Arachnid base from Seneasy Cybernetics, and they best way I can describe it now is 'broken' since it uses invisible prims to make the effect. Unfortunately, the person who made it seems to be unable to be contacted, and their store and products aren't updated in any way. So, I was hoping someone who had fixed the issue coudl tell me how thye did so, since I would like to be able to use the base again and have it be believable.
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