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  1. Thanks for your response. I am still very new to second life and don't know too much about scripts let alone path finding. But I will try and bring this to a scripting forum and see what I can find out. Glad to bring back some fond memories for you. Hope I can get it to work. PS. I actually got the idea from an episode of sliders. That horrible nineties show about sliding between parallel worlds.
  2. Try using a CasperTech Rez-Free Box. It allows you to connect multiple objects that are far beyond linkable range to one object. Then if you want to put it away you can De-Rez and it will collapse. It's extremely useful and free. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperTech-Rez-FREE-Huge-Build-Rezzer/1579760 I hope this helps.
  3. So basically the question is how can I rotate a bunch of objects together, along a central axis, that are too far apart to link without a Rez-Free box? I have built a gigantic pyramid with multiple levels. Each level will eventually have a maze on it leading to the next level. The problem I am experiencing is that I would like to rotate the levels separately, along with everything that is on that level, along a central axis. When I was building my objects were too far away to link, so I used a CasperTech Rez-Free to keep them all together. Since when editing I can rotate the Rez-Free box and rotate the level I thought that I could put a rotation script on the box and the whole level would rotate, but only the box will rotate. Each level is within a Rez-Free box, which are all within a single Rez-Free box, but I do not know if this is the wisest approach. Thanks for any help!
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