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  1. Hello , á 1 month I am having trouble in my inventory all my items disappeared without explanation I have done all that is indicated by the procedure support, and a little more formatted my computer and nothing worked , I logged my account on another computer no avail , so I concluded that the problem is not my computer and yes the database of Linden Lab , received an email from support that nothing can be done for me , it is absurd because despite being a game involves real money , I lost my baby layette , lost my clothes , I lost my wares for sale because I am shopkeeper , and I am trea
  2. Eu fiz todos esses procedimentos mas meu inventário continua apenas com 14 mil itens sendo q minhas roupas, meu anexo, meu bebê, entre outros itens não retornou, estou desesperada
  3. Boa noite, estou com problemas no meu inventário maioria dos meus itens sumiram principalmente minhas roupas de venda, ajude-me por favor. Aguardo contato. Meu loguin é JuuHsz
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