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  1. Hi! I am new to the business, yet not new builder. Have made whole educational island and smaller places already, and numerous of my own projects. You can see link to my page in my SL avatar profile. Now I have started my business bigger. Thats why I offer my services for lower prices. I use Blender and mesh for my creations. I can do scenes, cities, towns, single buildings and other structures. I can also do furnitures and smaller items. I am also good landscaper. I do my best to create low prim/LI works with low lag. I am NOT clothes design and CAN'T rigg. My building prices starts from: Smaller, simpler builds starts from 5000L (20$)Bigger, more complex, very realistic and precise look starts from 10 000L (40$)Multi buildings, scenes, organic looking areas starts from 30 000L (121$)Whole sim starts from 90 000L (364$) and takes usually 1-2 months.For totally non-profit places (for example educational) I can come help for 1/2 prices or in some cases for free - just put an offer.
  2. Hi and thank you for being interested of my services! I did reply inworld for more details. Please check your IM and reply me back if you are interested. Oppilas Aie
  3. Looking for a building project/job inworld. I am experienced builder and can do various styles/themes. I work with Blender and am making my structures mostly with mesh nowadays. Some of my work can be seen: http://aieindustries.tumblr.com/ I can also show more of what I have done if you are interested. IM me inworld! Oppilas Aie.
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